Suspended Bridge in Akyakada

Suspension Bridge in Akayaya was repaired: The suspension bridge used by Küçükaküzüm and Büyükaküzüm villagers in the Akyaka district of Kars was rebuilt.
When the boards on the steel ropes of the hanging bridge connecting Küçükaküzüm village and Büyükaküzüm villages were decayed together with the decay of the villagers, the bridge, which threatened the life of the villagers, was repaired with the instructions of the District Governor Osman Uğurlu and served to the service of the villagers.
Before the bridge that connects Küçükaküzüm and Büyükaküzüm villages to one another, the district governor Uğurlu said that the villagers would not be indifferent to the use of the bridge in this way.
Governor Osman Uğurlu said, uzun The suspension bridge had been long-lived and decayed. Nevertheless, our villagers endangered their lives and possessions and used the bridge. We saw the bridge at the site. We repaired the bridge in a short time. After that, our villagers can use the suspension bridge with peace of mind Bundan.
The bridge was built on the Kars River in Akyaka and serving the villagers for many years. The hanging bridge, which the villagers used extensively, was sometimes passed on to the opposite side in the vehicles.

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