Transportation to Kars-Iğdır Highway

Transportation to Kars-Iğdır Highway Failed Transportation: Digor-Iğdır has become white with its rainfall. While the thickness of the highway on the highway is 15 centimeter, transportation is lost. Kars also scared the hose in the city center.
Kars-Iğdır road between the Khanlar and Dağpınar villages in Kars between Digor yesterday evening was full. The thickness of the hazelnut-sized filling, which lasted for about half an hour, found the thickness of 15. The roadway is full of vehicles due to registration. Survived by pushing or pulling their vehicles, the drivers warned those who set out to go to the Khan and Dağpınar area.
The tornado that emerged in the city center today both surprised and frightened those who saw it. Dark clouds suddenly formed in the sky at noon. Then the tornado occurred. The tornado, which can be seen easily from the city center, landed on earth from time to time. The tornado, which caused fearful moments in Kars for 10 minutes, then moved away from the city.




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