What is Vehicle Inspection Price List? (2014-Automobile Inspection Price Inquiry Screen)

TÜVTÜRK Appointment! Things to Do Before Examination! TÜVTÜRK Call Center
TÜVTÜRK Appointment! Things to Do Before Examination! TÜVTÜRK Call Center

What is the Vehicle Inspection Price List? You can examine the inspection prices before inspecting your car.

22 December 2010 dated and B.11.0.KUG. / 230-16673 Circular issued by the Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications, vehicle inspection fees are determined as follows:

Bus, Truck, Tractor and Tanker 223,02 TL
Cars, Minibuses, Light Trucks, Special Purpose Vehicles, Land Vehicles,
Trailer and Semi Trailer 165,20 TL
Tractor (with trailer, without trailer), motorcycle and motor bike 84,96 TL
Payments are accepted as cash.
The vehicles which are excluded from the categories of vehicles mentioned above are determined by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.
Pursuant to article 2918 of the "Highway Traffic Law" numbered 35, the inspection fee is collected at a rate of 5% more for each delayed vehicle, for each delayed vehicle.
Note: According to the results of the inspection report, the examinations of the vehicles determined to be "Heavy Defective" or "Unsafe" are not approved. These vehicles can have the repetition done free of charge at the same inspection station within a month. The inspection fee is fully charged from the vehicles that have been repeated for inspection or that do not come to the inspection within one month.


Roadway Inspection Fee

Roadway Inspectivity Inspection taken along with periodic vehicle inspection

Truck, tractor and tanker truck 111,51 TL 278,78 TL
Trailer and semi-trailer 82,30 TL 206,50 TL

You should have a Periodic Vehicle Inspection for Road Surveying.

If your Periodic Vehicle Inspection has expired, Periodic Inspection should also be performed together with Roadside Inspection.

For vehicles that have passed the final inspection, the monthly rate of% 5 is charged to the periodic vehicle inspection fee. Prices of Road Construction Service is determined according to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Prices include VAT.

TÜVTÜRK Communication and Business Development Director Koray Özcan said that periodic vehicle inspection is vital for traffic safety. Geliştirme The completeness of the periodic inspection of a vehicle is a very important factor that increases the safety of not only its users but also other people in traffic. We wanted to increase the awareness of vehicle inspection and share what needs to be done before the inspection so that our customers can complete their inspection processes more easily. Biz

Özcan said, “Our aim with this study is that vehicle owners should have more information about the inspection process.” TüvTurk, Turkey's 81 provinces, 73 mobile, 197 fixed and in Istanbul and Antalya motorcycle special 3 said that a total of 273 stations together with station Koray Ozcan, car owners, any information TüvTurk official web site http://www.tuvturk.com.tr and customer service can be obtained from 0 850 222 88 88.

Here is the important 10 step for pre-inspection:

1. Be sure to get your free appointment!
The vehicle owners who arrive at the time of inspection can make an appointment for the day and time they have determined before going to the TÜVTÜRK inspection stations. Appointments, www.tuvturk.com.t is and our call center 0 850 222 88 88. This service is available in most of our stations.

2. If you are making an appointment to the busy stations in the metropolitan centers, allocate at least 2 hours for the entire inspection process, make your schedule accordingly ...

The appointment time received from the TÜVTÜRK website or call center refers to the half-hour interval between the vehicle owner and the customer acceptance process, not the start time of the inspection.
For example, for 08.30 - 09: 00, customer acceptance of the vehicle will be made within the 08.30-09.00 hours.
The vehicle inspection process takes 1 hours after acceptance. Considering the entrance to the station area, customer acceptance and inquiry, and the inspection process, we recommend that an average time of 2 hours be allocated in intensive stations especially in metropolitan centers and that time planning should be done accordingly.

3. Be sure to check your tax or traffic fines, do not come to the examination without paying the debt!
Due to the rules determined by the law, debt control is done for the vehicles before the appointment process and before the examination, and traffic fines, motor vehicle tax and bridge and motorway debts are questioned. Even if an appointment is made, the vehicles cannot be inspected. For this reason, we remind the vehicle owners that if they have a debt, they should be paid if they have learned the debt situation during the appointment.

4. Check your exhaust emission measurement before inspection! You can also receive this service from TÜVTÜRK stations.

The absence of the current exhaust gas emission measurement is considered to be Heavy Defect. This service is also provided in all international vehicle inspection stations.

5. Always have your license, ID, Compulsory Traffic Insurance and other mandatory documents available
You must have your vehicle's license, identity and traffic insurance with you when you arrive for the inspection service. If your vehicle has LPG / CNG Gas Seal Report is required. However, the absence of this document is considered as a slight defect.

6. If the vehicle does not belong to you, bring with you the necessary additional documents.
If the vehicle you are going to bring does not belong to you, you should bring the documents showing the status of attorney with you. For detailed information on different situations for real people and companies http://www.tuvturk.com.tr You can get information from…

7. If you are coming for a renovation inspection, be sure to keep your documents with you.
If it is made a modification to your vehicle, construction inspection to consult and gas in addition to the above documents Sealing Report and Installation Assessment Report (LPG / CNG attaching modification projects are required for customers who apply to the station), drawn by the competent engineer approved conversion projects and accounts with Turkey Drivers and EK-1 certificate is required from the rooms connected to the Automobile Federation.

8. Remember that all payments are cash!
Vehicle Inspection fees are determined annually on the basis of the regulations and orders of the Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications, General Directorate of Road Regulation. Payments are made in cash.
The inspection fees for 2014 are listed below.
• Bus, Truck, Tow Truck and Tow Truck 223,02 TL
• Cars, Minibuses, Vans, Special Purpose Vehicles, Terrain Vehicles, Trailers and Semi Trailer 165,20 TL
• Tractor (with trailer, no trailer), motorcycle and motor bike 84,96 TL
Exhaust emission measurement for 2014 is 35 TL. For the first time, the vehicles must have 6 TL with a Motor Vehicle Exhaust Gas Emission License.

9. Do not delay your examination, do not pay too much!
2918 35. Pursuant to the Article, more than 5 surcharges are charged for each month of the inspection. The delays in accordance with the law are in the form of daily slices of 30. 1 daily or 20 daily delay is considered as 1 months.

10. Be sure to check the necessary equipment before coming to the inspection.
During vehicle inspection, 1 first aid kit, 2 triangular reflectors, fire extinguisher device (depending on the type and purpose of the vehicle varies according to the type and purpose of use of the vehicle). http://www.tuvturk.com.tr) and whether there is a spare wheel are checked, their deficiency is considered a slight defect.

In vehicles with original spare parts such as tires with non-detonating tires or tire repair kits, it is not mandatory to have a spare wheel.

Motorcycle owners are required to bring their helmets as they come to the examination.

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