What is the latest situation in Eskişehir-İstanbul YHT line

What is the latest situation in Eskişehir-Istanbul YHT line: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan said, “What is the latest situation in YHT. Will there be a delay in opening? " “Security measures have been increased by the police and gendarmerie. It is not possible for us to say anything about this subject ”.

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan attended the opening of the '1st Highway Intelligent Transportation Systems Congress and Exhibition' held in Istanbul. Elvan answered the questions of journalists after the opening program. Recalling the statements made by a journalist by Elvan that "High Speed ​​Train may be sabotage against the Eskişehir-Istanbul line", "What is the latest situation in YHT. Will there be a delay in opening? asked the question.

Thereupon, Minister Elvan said, “This is a matter that is now in the judiciary. We cannot say anything about this subject. We are waiting for the result. But there are canals right next to the railways. These are the channels through which the signaling cables are routed. These channels have lids and are covered. It is quite heavy on the lids. These covers are removed and cables of the following thickness are cut. In other words, it is not possible to cut those cables with simple tools. It is absolutely cut with a special tool. Because it is not possible to cut with scissors or something scissors. In addition, cutting and leaving it that way makes it much more likely to sabotage. ”

"Security measures increased"

"Is there any custody on the subject?" Elvan said, “As of now there are none. Our General Directorate of State Railways filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor. In addition, our governorships increased the security measures through police and gendarmerie. ”

Stating that the work on the connection of the cables is continuing rapidly, Elvan said, “As soon as the work is over, we will finish our test drives for the signalization that is interrupted. In this way, we will make it ready for opening. ”

"Terminated due to the fault of the contractor"

Elvan said, “3. Has the State Airports Authority given a debt settlement guarantee for the airport? “It was obvious from the very beginning that DHMİ would give a guarantee at the contract stage. Do not understand this when you talk about debt style; this is not a direct guarantee. In any way the contractor started work. He had to dissolve after 1 year. It was terminated due to the fault of the contractor. What will happen? The thing to do is the debt handling then comes into play. In the event that the contractor is terminated, if the fault is in the contractor, the facilities built so far go directly to the public and the public institution continues the interrupted works.

At the beginning of the work, legally, municipalities and state-owned enterprises provide guarantees regarding debt settlement. General budget and special budget institutions have the authority to issue debt under the Undersecretariat of the Treasury, but only in state economic enterprises and municipalities ”.

  1. About the connection paths of the bridge

Minister Elvan said, “3. Are the connection ways of the bridge clear? ” to the question, "3. Work on the connecting roads of the bridge continues. As the Ministry, we gave our consent for the Akyazı- Paşaköy and Odayeri-Kınalı sections. As soon as the Treasury Undersecretariat's approval has been received, it will be tendered within the framework of the build-operate-transfer model. ”

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