UIC Middle East Regional Board 13. Meeting was held in Ankara

UIC Middle East Regional Board 13. The meeting was also held in Ankara: The General Directorate of TCDD Süleyman KARAMAN has been the President of the Middle East Regional Council (RAME) 2007. The General Managers meeting was held in Ankara on 13 May 8.

The RAME General Managers Group meeting, hosted by TCDD, started with the opening speech of TCDD General Manager Süleyman KARAMAN. In his speech; UIC emphasized that among the RAME member railroad administrations, there are ties of friendship and brotherhood alongside official relations and that these administrations must complement each other as parts of a puzzle, so that more effective, effective and collective works can be realized.

In addition to TCDD, UIC General Manager, UIC Middle East Coordinator, Iran Railways (RAI), Jordan Aqaba Railways, Jordan Hijaz Railways, Qatar Railways, Afghanistan Railways General Directors and Iran NIROO Railway Company Board Member and Iran. the Director of the UIC Office, RAI officials and experts from the relevant Railway Authorities participated.

During the meeting where all the administrations informed about their projects, investments and planning, and all the ongoing works in the region, the meeting was also informed about the recent education and activities of the UIC Middle East Railway Training Center (MERTCe) in Eskişehir.

Within the framework of the UIC RAME 2014-2015 Action Plan;

  • Inda COTIF Conference X in 2014 in Iran in cooperation with the Organization for Economic Cooperation (ECO),
  • "Railway-Oil & Railway-Port Conference" in Tehran-Iran,
  • A 'Passenger Activities and High Speed ​​Seminar Etkinlik in Iran in September of 2014,
  • De ERTMS and Maintenance Workshop MS in Jordan in October of 2014,
  • Kat Interoperability Seminar “in Qatar in November of 2014
  • In Turkey in the year 2015 "International Business Forum"

  • In 2015, it was decided to organize “High Speed ​​Seminar” in Saudi Arabia.

Also; the next RAME meeting was held in November 2014 at QHM (Qatar Railway Company) and held in Doha at the same time as the Interoperability Seminar.

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