Topçular Intersection D-100

Topçular Junction D-100 will be relieved: Gebze Municipality Construction on the D-100 Highway Topçular Köprülü intersection works closely followed by the Mayor of Gebze Adnan Köşker, Sakarya University lecturer Professor. Dr. Zeki Gündüz and contractor company officials attended the meeting and took a briefing about the works. Topçular Köprülü Junction, which was recently started to be built on the D-100 highway in Gebze, is closely followed by the Mayor of Gebze, Adnan Köşker. President Köşker, who received information about the works from the contractor and the municipal authorities at the meeting organized at the Topçular Köprülü junction construction site which will be realized jointly with Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and cost 20 million TL, also examined the bridge foot excavation plan.
Sakarya University lecturer Dr. Zeki Gündüz also attended the review and evaluation meeting and said the project would be completed in line with the planned schedule. The project will be combined with the north and south axes of the D-100 highway, voicing President Köşker said, tünel With the tunnel passage built under the railway, Darıca, Baharderesi Caddesi will be connected to organized industrial zones and the traffic on Istasyon Street will be relieved Proj. During the meeting, vice presidents Nilay Ayran, Engin Güzel, the chairman of the chairman Şakir Bitmez and the related department managers were also present.

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