SATSO chief said the tourist will rise when it comes to fast train

SATSO chairman said that as soon as the train arrives, the tourist will rise: Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SATSO) President Mahmut Kösemusul said that last year exports of 100 will increase the number of domestic and foreign tourists.

Adapazari Kösemusul came together at the restaurant in the town of reporters, Turkey Exporters Assembly that broke export records of the city, according to the data, exports in most increase the provinces has risen to the first position anlattı.kösemusul, attention will lead to changes in the high-speed trains in the city's structure to pass through the production of starting local train and Sakarya “You know, the high-speed train will pass through Sakarya. We will have thousands of citizens who live in crowded cities such as Istanbul and Ankara and want to go somewhere for the weekend. Sakarya, which increased its exports by 100 percent in April, will host domestic and foreign tourists when the high-speed train lands. Sakarya will be an attraction center with its natural beauties, tourism venues and proximity to crowded cities. "Our city will be the city where everyone wants to reside in the near future."

"We have 100 years of experience in the automotive sector"

Expressing that they carry out various studies to meet the needs in the automotive sector, Kösemusul stated that they also attach importance to the sub-industry and that there are new organized industrial zone studies (OIZ) in this direction. industry is growing in our city. We have 100 years of experience in the automotive industry. Therefore, the need for sub-industry will arise in our city. We need organized zone industrial zones that will develop the sub-industry in the automotive sector. We are working on the organized industrial zone that we plan to establish in Adapazarı. We worked in this direction in Ferizli district. We planned the establishment of a logistics OIZ in Karasu and a food OIZ in Geyve. We are evaluating all alternatives in industrialization. We have very important tourism values, we must use them most effectively. I want to make this clear. Sakarya is a fast developing and industrializing city, we have to develop growth in a controlled manner. Just as the problem of unplanned urbanization brings many problems in the coming years, distorted industrialization will cause great problems in the future. While growing our industry, we also have to consider the transportation and living spaces of our city. That's why we make our investments within the framework of common mind with our governorship and municipality.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 13:16

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