The last 120 meter at the bridge of the third bridge

The last 120 meter on the third bridge: 3 which will connect Asia and Europe. while the construction of the bridge was fast, the length of the bridge's feet exceeded the 200 meter.
The construction of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which will greatly ease the traffic in Istanbul, continues at full speed. Thousands of five hundred people in the construction of the third bridge by defying the death of the feet of the feet exceeded the 200 meter. The bridge towers, which will reach a height of approximately 320, are planned to be completed in August.
In the 3rd Bridge and Northern Marmara Motorway Project, which was implemented by ICA, the tests that revealed the durability and resistance of the bridge were revealed in Nantes of France and Milan in Italy. The French structural engineer who designed the bridge. In the tests in which Michel Virlogeux participated, the deck and tower models of the bridge were first removed. The computer model was measured how the bridge would react in a practical way. Model models were tested in a 6-7 month period, considering the different construction phases of the bridge. Within the scope of the test, bridge models were tested against the wind blowing at a speed of 300 km / h. The highest wind speed recorded in Istanbul in the last 40 years has been 130 km / h.
Approximately two thirds of the towers of the huge bridge are gone. The sliding formwork system was dismantled and the climbing formwork system was started. As the bridge towers exceed 3 meters, anchorage boxes are placed in the bridge towers where ropes will now be placed. The largest of the anchor boxes placed to fix the slanted ropes to the bridge towers will be approximately 200 meters high and weigh more than 11 tons.
3. Bridge Europe Tower Responsible Ömer Çeri, the height of the 208 meter from the height of the anchor boxes began to be reported. There will be 4 pieces anchor box in 88 pieces bridge tower. Çeri noted that the capacity of tower cranes is suitable for this, although the lifting of the anchor boxes is challenging.
UAV viewed from the air
Istanbul traffic will greatly relieve the construction site of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, the environment and the route will be used to view the air from the Ihlas News Agency. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge with 58.5 meters width will be 8 lanes with arrivals and departures. In the middle of the bridge, there will be the 2 lane railway. The world's longest suspension bridge with a thousand 408-meter mid-span and rail on it will be the world's highest tower suspension bridge with 321 meter height. The operation of the bridge will be carried out by the consortium of 10 days 2 days 20 days including the construction.
The most important role of the project is the Ministry of Transport and Communication and the General Directorate of Highways. 3 will be completed at the end of the year. The project is aimed at completion in 400.
Citizens residing in Poyrazköy, the route of the bridge, are watching the construction of the ongoing bridge. Especially to watch the bridge some citizens come to the area to watch the work. The citizens who watched the bridge work expressed their feelings as follows: ise We enjoy watching. This is a pride of Turkey. We are proud that we will benefit from these services because of the services we provide to the people of Turkey. Istanbul traffic will be greatly reduced. Our elders put him on the path to this. We call God bless the cause. Visibly, there is an increase in the bridge. Service continues. Viaducts and all of them will soon achieve this. People go by the boat and watch the sea. As of the beach there is an increase in the population of the village in summer. Although the weather is cold, even at weekends you will not find vacancies in coffee houses. People are coming and watching. They enjoy watching. The construction of the bridge began in February of 2013. During the first studies I worked for 4-5 months. They see and take a picture Gör.

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