Please Pay Attention To The Ayamama Bridge

Please take care of Ayamama Bridge: Please take care of Ayamama over the bridge, please contact Dostlar, İstanbul Küçükçekmece / Sefaköy and Basın Ekspres road between Değirmenbahçe Street and Ayamama Creek.
The construction of this bridge would start in September 2013 of 21 and end in January 2014 for four months.
However, the construction of the bridge is unfinished and it will take more time to understand the structure of the construction. On the other hand, secondary construction works are opened for coordination during construction and secondary buildings are opened in coordination.
While doing this, interested people, the beginning of the traffic instead of informing the citizens of the region of operation with the full plate of the lar Work There is access is prohibited de by closing the way thousands of meters of vehicles come into the empty space, again go back to the loss of time and chaos. The institutions and contractors that work without any coordinated work are turning the region into a tension zone.
Now let's ask, when this ordeal ends. On the larger scale, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has completed major projects and finished in a short time, could not finish this small construction on time. Why doesn't work planning be done during the manufacturing process and doesn't follow up work as a citizen focused by a coordinator?


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