Nissibi Bridge Construction Completes

Nissibi Euphrates Bridge Construction Nears Completion: When completed, Turkey's longest suspension bridge, which will be Nissib 3.köprü Bridge construction has reached the final stage.
Turkey Nissibi Euphrates Bridge, which will carry the distinction of being the third longest suspension bridge has reached the end of construction.
After the collection of water in the Atatürk Dam, the bridge providing transportation on the Kahta-Siverek-Diyarbakır highway was flooded. Thereupon, citizens coming from the east direction started to use the Şanlıurfa route as a way out to the west.
The foundation of the new bridge, which has been voiced by the people of the region for years, was laid in a ceremony attended by Binali Yıldırım, the then Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. The bridge was named "Nissibi", an old settlement in the region.
The middle opening of the 100 meter-long bridge, which will cost around 610 million pounds, is planned as 400 meters.
Governor of Siverek Hamza Erkal, AA correspondent, said the transportation distance between Diyarbakir-Adiyaman extended due to the old bridge under water.
Pointing out that the transportation problem negatively affects the tourism of the region, Erkal said, "With the opening of the bridge, both the waste of time will be eliminated and our guests will be able to reach the huge sculptures on Mount Nemrut more easily."
Erkal stated that the bridge, 70 percent of which has been completed, is planned to be put into service approximately 6 months later.
"It will contribute to Southeast tourism"
Aydın Aslan, Deputy Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism, reminded that the Southeastern Anatolia Region has historical richness and that infrastructure services are of great importance in promoting the works better.
Transportation of the tourism potential of the relief would significantly relax stressed Lion, "Nissib that Turkey will be the third largest suspension bridge. We think that this project will make a great contribution to Southeast tourism. When it is completed, the region will have a magnificent work, ”he said.
Aslan added that they expect tourism companies in the region to be completed.

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