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If the Izmit residents do not want, the tram will not pass by the tram: The large part of the activities of the metropolitan municipality in this city in the last 10 year is for me and I am sure it does not address many people like me. Of course, we do not like the kind of activities in this city, there is the buyer. Moreover, it is also clear that the numbers are much higher than us.

But fat wrestling, mehteran concerts, and I'm not used to get used to.

However, there is a Book Fair organized by the Metropolitan Municipality which deserves all the praise. If I had the time, I would travel in the morning from the morning of the Book Fair every day. I was at the Book Fair last Saturday. Hand in my pocket, I walked through all the stands. Books that praise the virtue and the sharia; there were books that pushed power from the ground, pushing the limits of freedom of thought. The Metropolitan Municipality organizes this Book Fair away from any political prejudice, which is the best part.

The creator of the Kocaeli Book Fair, met with the head of the Metropolitan Culture Department, Ali Yeşildal, who gave great importance to this work. I congratulated once again. I had two demands: First, ara Don't carry people to buses at this fair anymore. There's no point in bringing people who don't read books, who don't intend to buy books, just because it's a fair crowd. This organization already has enough enthusiasm in this city. Let the volunteers come. Fair is not empty, Fuar I said. Secondly, on the days of the Book Fair, I asked the International Exhibition Center to bring a layout to the parking lot and outlets. I told them that at certain points of the parking lot, at least people should have ın Weed a signs to remind them of where they put their car. Yesilal, at least since next year, will consider my proposal for the parking lot, he said.

While traveling the book fair, I was caught by the Deputy Secretary General Tahir Büyükakın. Büyükakın is the most important bureaucrat who has been interested in traffic and public transportation problems of Kocaeli for years. Recently, especially the ergah tram route özellikle is very debatable. He took me through the books, took him to a lounge in the Center, and bought tea.

In those days, Yol Don't let the tram pass. Even if there is no other option, to give up the tram project as one of the options to be completely abandoned vazgeç I wrote an article to summarize.

You're big, you're talking about this tram thing:

. -We do not intend to make a decision such as taking the tram as a walkway. Engineers work on the route. They made reports. They say that the plane trees on both sides of the walkway are inclined towards the outside, so passing the tram from the streets of Hürriyet or Cumhuriyet will cause greater damage to the trees. Walking Path is the most convenient route. This is technically so. We will present the whole project to the public for the approval of the people of İzmit. We'll introduce you very detailed. Our president attaches great importance to this issue. Despite the city, we will not do anything despite the people of the city. However, according to reports, we can make a much wider, more spacious walking route than today, if the tram passes through the existing Walkway and the streets on either side of this Walkway are completely pedestrianized. We're going to tell all this about the city. The tram will bring you to the city from where it comes from, what will bring you all, and we will leave the decision to the people of the city. In the meantime, the project completely to give up, instead of the tram as soon as possible to start the construction of the light rail system will be among the options. The formation of a conviction in the form of wanting to take the tram from the Metropolitan Walkway is both wrong and unfair. Büyük

Deputy Secretary General Tahir Buyukakin is not interested in the issue of tram. The city is also the biggest problem of transportation and traffic issues are constantly working. What's more, it's not working out of it. At what point of the city the vehicle passes per hour, in which days the passengers in this city travel by means of public transportation, they are all in the hands of the Metropolitan.

Tahir Büyükakın installs this data on the computer and makes the simulation. What happens if the traffic flow is given from the intersection? which even the number of public transport vehicles need to increase, all of them can be seen in the computer environment.

Within the scope of these studies, the traffic direction of Alemdar Street is seriously on the agenda. There are preparations for new arrangements at the entry points of the D-100. An increasingly inadequate; The new Justice Center Interchange, which is not enough for the opening of new shopping malls, is ready for new and alternative projects for Yahya Kaptan Junction on the D-100 highway.

In short, we are criticizing everything from where we sit, we cut out ahkam or .. Those who are responsible for this work should not think that they come side by side ..

Tahir Büyükakın talking with, "who will become the Secretary General instead of Ersin Bey?" I asked. Büyükakin is very modest in these matters; ”İlhan is worthy of a brother,“ he said. The General Secretary of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is of course a good fit for İlhan Bayram. But Tahir Buyukak is as good as Him. In this five-year period, I can say that Büyükakın and his team will implement radical projects on transportation and traffic problems which are the most important and most chronic problem of this city. There are very serious studies on this subject.

Besides, no one should worry. If the city does not want the people and does not approve, they will not spend the tram from the Walkway. I know that President Karaosmanoğlu is very sensitive.

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