Governor Ercan Topaca: Tem A Planning to Make Less Impact on Drivers

Governor Ercan Topaca: A Planning Will Be Made That Will Affect Drivers Less During Tem Otoylu Repair. Due to the superstructure insulation and renewal works in the viaducts between Gebze and the Gulf turnstiles of the TEM Highway, the density experienced especially in the direction of D-100 Highway Ankara in the afternoon and evening continues.
Due to the superstructure insulation and renovation works in the viaducts between Gebze and Körfez turnstiles of the Tem Motorway, the intensity in the D-100 Highway Ankara direction continues especially in the afternoon and evening. While the drivers who can take the 15-20 minutes road in 4-5 hours are completely enraged, Kocaeli Governor Ercan Topaca, who answered the questions of the journalists at the opening of the Eastern Marmara Development and Employment Fair (DOMIF), stated that these studies are mandatory and said: I want. Our citizens, of course, suffer from the density.
There is a serious problem especially in the evening and morning hours. We expect understanding from our citizens for this trouble and apologize to them. But we have to do this service as well. You had a contact with our Minister of Transport yesterday. I guess our ministry is doing a study on this business planning. Maybe it will be done with a different program in the coming days. I would like to express that we expect a planning that is light, a little easier and will affect less of our citizens and drivers. I will not explain this. Dear Minister, after completing that work and after a decision is made in that direction, we will announce it to the public if there is a different development in the coming days. "


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