Europe's Trains to be Tested in Eskisehir

European trains which will be Eskişehirde test: in Eskisehir, National Rail Systems Center of Excellence will begin this year to build, test trains European countries will contribute to Turkey's economy and the Turkish Republics.

Anadolu University (AU) Transport Vocational School Director and URAYSİM Project Manager. Dr. Ömer Mete Koçkar stated to the AA reporter that rail transport is one of the most important components of the transportation sector, and that it has started to re-invest in railway investments that came to a halt after the 1950s, 10 years ago.

High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) projects are carried out, at the same time trying to shift the railway is expressed Koçkar, said:
“We will make up to 2023 thousand kilometers of YHT line in 10, and we will make lines about conventional transportation up to 4 thousand kilometers. In the future, both the passenger and cargo transportation expectations of the railway sector will increase gradually. We see that transportation will turn from highways to railways. In order to follow the developments in the railway, the idea of ​​creating a center for the railway sector has emerged in order to make the necessary contributions to the technical change process. Turkey will be a priority in the development, railway vehicles and components to carry out R & D activities on the subject, that can make the product output, which can be patented, may be made to the modernization of existing systems, tests with URAYS project emerged for the establishment of certification can research and test center of international standards. "
Koçkar reported that there are centers in France, the Czech Republic, Russia, Germany, England, China and the USA where trains are tested.

- “We will hit the first dig in the coming summer”

Reminding that they had started off in September of 2009 for URAYSİM, Koçkar continued:
“On 27 May 2010, it was decided that the AÜ and Eskişehir Chamber of Industry should carry out the establishment works together.

We prepared our project, gave it its final form and sent it to the Ministry of Development. After the evaluation, our project was accepted in January 2012. Currently, our budget is 157 million pounds. Our project will cost 241 million pounds. Behiç Erkin Campus will be the name of the campus that we will build for the URAYSİM Project. One of the lecturers who will take part in our project is in the USA, one in the UK and 15-16 in the University of Pardubice are doing masters and doctorates in the field of rail systems. We have made progress in human resources. We will build the Behiç Erkin Campus on 700 decares of land in Alpu district. We expect the amendment purpose of the land to come out of the signature. We have completed the architectural works of the buildings to be built there. As soon as we sign, we will start building our buildings. We plan to hit the first pickaxe in the coming summer. ”
Koçkar stressed the completion of the studies for the test routes and emphasized that the test path project will be completed by the end of this year.

The Test Center will be operational in 2017

Koçkar, who stated that there will be three test ways outside the European examples of the center, continued his words as follows:
“In the first months of next year, the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments may begin the construction of test roads. For the first time in Europe, we will make the way that YHTs can be tested. It will be a 400-48 kilometer long road where electric speeds that can reach 52 kilometers can be tested. It will be our second way to test conventional passenger and freight trains up to 180-200 kilometers. A third test will be built in our city, where we can test urban rail vehicles. The tender of the test benches will also be done in a few months. Construction works, which we will start at the end of 2014, may also end in 2017. URAYSİM can be commissioned in 2017. There is no such test center on our geography. uraysim will be a significant economic contribution to Turkey. Our center will make great knowledge and technological knowledge in the next 5 years. We will test the trains coming from the European and Turkish Republics. ”
Koçkar, Rector of AU to complete the center as soon as possible. Dr. He added that Naci Gündoğan is also excited.



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