Eskişehirspor Tribes Are Sold With Torches, YHT Passengers Are Feared (Photo Gallery)

Eskisehirspor convoy was sent off with the torch, YHT was afraid Passengers: AGRICULTURE Turkey Cup final on Wednesday, which will face Eskisehirspor Galatasaray convoy, High Speed ​​Tren'l to (YHT) went to Konya. Hundreds of Eskişehirspor fans who came to the station to see their teams off, lit torches and threw explosive torpedoes. One of the torpedoes thrown exploded next to football player Tarık, who interviewed members of the press. Tarık, who experienced brief panic, held his left ear for a long time. A torch burned by the fans fell in front of the women walking to get on the YHT. The women who left their luggage next to the burning torch and ran away had moments of fear.

Hundreds of Eskişehirspor fans gathered at the train station to send off the Eskişehirspor group that went to Konya on YHT. Bando Es Es Group, formed by the fans, played Eskisehirspor anthems in front of the station and excited the crowd. After a while, Eskişehirspor Club President Mesut Hoşcan, coach Ertuğrul Sağlam and the bus with the players came in front of the station from the facilities. The fans welcomed the Eskişehirspor group with the torches they lit, explosive torpedoes and sparklers they fired.

Press members asked Tarık Çamdal, one of the footballers of Eskişehirspor, who got off the bus, about the match they will play on Wednesday. Tarık Çamdal experienced panic when the torpedo thrown by a fan exploded next to him while answering the questions. Club President Mesut Hoscan came next to Tarık, who left the interview and held his left ear. Tarık was taken to YHT by the club officials. It was stated that the situation of the young football player is good.

While the passengers who will go to Konya with the YHT with the Eskişehirspor group were walking towards the train, a burning torch was thrown from the place where the Eskişehirspor fans were located. Torch fell in front of women walking with their suitcases. The women left their luggage and fled left and right. Eskişehirspor Club Administrative Deputy Chairman Mustafa Akgören went to the fans and warned against throwing flammable and explosive materials.

Eskişehir Governor Güngör Azim Tuna came to the station and joined the players at YHT for a while. sohbet and wished success. Governor Tuna told reporters, “I leave the league aside. We are now completely locked into the cup final. Eskişehir is locked in this. We are behind our team of 10 thousand 100 thousands of people living here. We send off the team. I hope we will be at the stadium on Wednesday and we wholeheartedly believe that we will return with a win. Eskişehir has managed many things, and now the whole team is one of the teams most of the POPs in Turkey. We trust our team. Hopefully, my wish is more precisely, my guess is more 2-0. I think there might be more. Look, I am saying this as a former Galatasaray employee. I wish you success. "May the ways be open."

Eskişehirspor Club President Mesut Hoşcan said, “We are all very excited. We came here today with enthusiasm. Our fans are always going with us by train. We have a match on Wednesday. I hope that if my Lord wrote, we will take that cup and come to this city. We believe in this, our motivation is full within the team. Everything is fine. From now on, our technical team and footballers will talk on the field. We will watch them with pleasure, excitement and love. We will support. Later, we will take our cup and come to our city. We will give a gift to our community, ”he said.

Eskişehirspor Coach Ertuğrul Sağlam thanked the fans for their support. Sturdy, “Of course, the city is completely locked in this match. By Allah's leave, my footballers know very well what kind of responsibility they are in. They will go out and do what suits them. They will give this city the happiness and honor of the trophy in forty years. I hope, with the permission of Allah, we will enjoy the cup after the match together on Thursday, ”he said.

Eskişehir Governor Güngör Azim Tuna and the supporters waved goodbye to Eskişehirspor group who moved to Konya with YHT.

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