Superstructure works in Erzincan

The construction of the superstructure in Erzincan is rapidly continuing: Erzincan Municipality continues its superstructure works in the regions where the infrastructure is finished. In this context, the paving of Fatih and Yunus Emre neighborhoods before the asphalt has begun. Erzincan Mayor Cemalettin Başsoy, the work of the auditing, healthy, they ensure that the entire city, throughout the city until the end of this year to complete the superstructure in all the regions said they aim to complete. Başsoy: ı We carry out the superstructure works in the places where the infrastructure has been completed. In this way, both citizens are facilitating the lives of our citizens as well as the resources of our municipality by using the resources we are working to provide the quality that our citizens deserve. Our companions deserve the best of everything. Path means civilization. Our primary goal is not to have a broken road in our city. We make every effort to respond to the expectations of our fellow citizens. Teams under the Directorate of Science Affairs on the one hand lead to the road and hot asphalt pavement work on the other hand are carrying out pavement. Müdür He said. Erzincan Municipality is planning to do asphalt and pavement works in 2014 kilometers long distance in 100.



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