Eastern Black Sea Railway Requests

The Eastern Black Sea: The Eastern Black Sea is demanding the Railway Road, which has been a victim for many years. He expects the authorities to listen to this voice.

Batumi-Kazakhstan Railway line was put into service on 1 February. The line, which will operate between Batumi-Almaty / Kazakhstan, will mostly ship dry cargo and oil. It is also claimed that the cost of freight to be transported to the region, Central Asian countries and even China will be much more economical with rail transport. The end of the railway line in Batumi and Turkey to both causes suffer a loss of the Eastern Black Sea Region.


It has been determined that Trabzon Port will be connected to Asia and the Middle East by rail, and its input to the country's economy will be high. When a train departing from China arrives at Trabzon Port, the trade volume in the region will expand with the time and fuel savings arising from shipping. Besides these; If Tehran Trabzon Railway is connected to this line, the investment made by TCDD will encounter itself in 5 years.


The Georgian side does not want to connect the railway to Turkey. The reason for this is; It seems to be increasing the transaction volume of the Port in Batumi. Georgian officials; He thinks that if Trabzon Port takes advantage of this line, their countries will suffer. According to the information obtained from the Georgian authorities as Haber61'net team; This is expected to solve the crisis with Turkey, the Georgian Ministry of Transport ministry.

For you, dear readers, you can fax to the Ministry of Transport so that the railway can come to the Region faster. Faksa only "Eastern Black Sea Railway is Waiting." Just use the expression

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