BUDO starts tours to Buyukada

BUDO begins Büyükada tours: Hamdi Karahasan ship, purchased by Bursa Sea Buses Operations (BUDO) from Istanbul, starts its Mudanya - Istanbul Büyükada tours from 1 June.

BUDO, which has become the new brand of sea transportation between Istanbul and Bursa, has added Istanbul Buyukada tours to its service network on Sundays. The cruise ship Hamdi Karahasan, which Burulaş bought from İstanbul Şehir Hatları Turizm Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., anchored at Mudanya pier. The ship, which was built in Haliç shipyard in 1980 and has a carrying capacity of 56 meters in length of 10,5 meters and a width of 1500 meters, has turned the route to Mudanya - Büyükada line after serving in Istanbul city lines for many years.

Mudanya- The tour begins in the region
The first time between Mudanya and the United Kingdom, the Hamdi Karahasan cruise ship, which will begin on June Sunday in 1, offers a pleasant weekend to the residents of Bursali. The boat will depart from the Mudanya BUDO pier at 08.30 in the morning on the tours to be held on Sunday, and the ship will anchor in the Grand Bazaar. In the future, citizens will find the opportunity to convert in the 18.30â € ™ s hour, the Mudanya will go back. Launching the campaign between June and 01-22 on the island of Mudanya, BurulaÅ kampanya determined the return-cost of goods among these dates as 20 TL. In addition, Hamdi Karahasan can be leased for any type of organization, such as its ship, meeting, meeting. At least three hours of the hourly rental system in organizations that will serve the hourly price of TL 900, these services, whether the tour of the tour can be taken or if desired, a note can be ironed.

Snap to BUDO
On the other hand, BUDO, which has uninterrupted sea transportation between Bursa and Istanbul, ended its education term at 13-14, which is the end of the training period. The additional voyage for the absence of the victim.
from Mudanya KabataşOn Friday, June 13, 16.15, on Saturday, June 14, 10.15 and 20:00 were added.
Kabataşfrom Mudanya to 13:18 on Friday, June 30, 14:10 and 00:22 on Saturday, June 15 were added.

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