BYD ambitious in Turkey

BYD ambitious in Turkey: The world's most important Chinese battery manufacturer BYD Company, which produces the tools for the urban public transport sector remains on the agenda. The final preparations for the creation of investment and market in Turkey ...
Recently, efforts to prevent the damage caused by fossil fuels to the environment have mobilized both the intercity and urban public transportation sectors. Most manufacturers have incorporated electric vehicles in new generation vehicles, combining different technologies, environmentalist practices, to increase the usability for the future. The increase in the production of electric vehicles in the EU, the USA and the Far East came to the fore as a result of environmentalist perception. However, despite all the developments, the disposal of the battery, which ensures the sustainability of electricity generation, continues to be the subject of debate.
Chinese BYD Company, urban public transport sector electric buses produced for with few entry made to include Turkey market both of us, he has introduced electric bus, and was instrumental in our vision of the profit and loss account environmental management. We also discussed all the developments on this matter with Isbrand Ho, General Manager of BYD. The production stage, Turkey is experiencing what the process until the market? We present the positive and negative aspects of production and a forward-looking perspective…
As BYD, can you tell us about the characteristics of the sieve tricle bus that you bring to our country and the different brands according to other brands? byd'n bus developed for Turkey's Istanbul and in Ankara to come as the slope of the hill and to overcome their specific driving environments equipped with an appropriate new heavy-duty engines 150 kWh of electricity. Thousands of photographic data and hundreds of bus services were examined in Istanbul by BYD engineers. BYD electric bus market in Turkey, prepared for the year 2013 for making fine adjustments in addition to the huge investments made by TOHOB showed great support. We would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to TÖHOB and its President İsmail Yüksel for their cooperation and support.
The battery problem in electric vehicles is distressed. Many manufacturers have captured the norms that are acceptable in terms of battery weight charging time and ease of use. You indicate that you are ahead of a single filling distance in your existing system. Are you applying a new technology for the battery? What is the last situation?
Under typical driving conditions, BYD buses cost 250 per each charge. driving range. This is our claim. Despite this, in fact, very impressive results were found in tests all over the world. The data collected during the tests shows that in some areas this range is 300 km per charge without the battery fully consumed. can go on. This result is naturally proportional to the driving mode of the driver using the vehicle. While a heavy-footed driver would undoubtedly reduce the battery capacity, a light-footed driver would be able to travel over the average range. The maturation of battery technology depends on electrochemical knowledge accumulation, high volume production experiences and some im Black Magic Pil effect.
BYD has been the largest lithium battery manufacturer in the world by producing 25 percent of the batteries of today's mobile phones. In our electric buses, we used Lithium Iron Phosphate for a reliable and reliable system. Other lithium batteries are also available, but BYD refused to compromise on safety and product life. BYD's Lithium battery can be recharged a thousand times with a total of 10 and BYD guarantees bus operators a minimum of 4 1000 times of charging time (11, which is charged every day), as a service period. In the coming months, BYD will explain the increase in energy density up to 30 in lithium batteries and the improvement of batteries.
At the same time, it will be explained that the current charging time will be reduced by approximately 75 by the newly developed charging technology. When the explanations will be made on this subject, wider information will be provided on this subject.

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