Huge investment of 48 billion 450 million euros from the Ski Federation

Skiing Federation 's huge investment of 48 billion 450 million euros: Turkey Ski Federation President Mehmet Erol Benefits, which shared the history of the republic's biggest ski project with huge investment of 48 billion 450 million euro public.

1. Ski Workshop held in Turkey for the first time in Turkey was held today in Silence Hotel in Istanbul. Workshop to Turkey Ski Federation President Mehmet Erol Benefits, Managers Ski Federation, Sports General Director Mehmet Baykan, Sports Inc. General Manager Alpaslan Baki Ertekin, governors of winter centers and ski club presidents attended.

After Cihan News Agency Workshop (Cihan) in the description of Turkey Ski Federation President Erol, Mehmet Benefits, Turkey's # 1 ski workshop of the couple stated that they did to make it aware of the potential of industrial skiing as well as indexing the Olympic success to both ski clubs of the state and the industry.

Noting that they have been preparing for about 6 months, President Yarar said, "After entering the elections and kazanWe share this project with the public one month after its release. This is the biggest project in the history of the republic. An investment project of 48 billion 450 million euros. In Turkey's 42 provinces, 100 ski resorts, 5 thousand hotels, and 275 beds will be created, and it will carry Turkey to the top ten in the ski league. And hopefully, it is a very comprehensive study that aims to win the Winter Olympics in 2026. That's why we say 'State, Nation Hand in Hand; Today, we shared with the public the very important economic and sportive work that we summarized as 'Turkey to the Summit with Skis'. he said.

The Director of the Ski Federation Fuat Kulaçoğlu stated that they carried out this first workshop together with the sports provincial directors, mayors and ski clubs presidents in the provinces with a ski resort.

"We put on the table the sport's profile in Turkey. We are together to initiate the project to host the Winter Games in 2018, 2022 and 2026. " said Kulaçoğlu, and completed his words as follows:

“Mr. President tried to explain this to the bureaucracy and state officials at today's meeting. I hope we can end point came in 2026 to bring the Winter Games to Turkey. To show that the budget announced just before is not a dream, and it should be started as soon as possible, we started the work immediately. We are happy. We believe we can achieve it. Nothing is just a dream, as long as we can think. I hope our path will be bright.

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