3M took its place at the Highway Traffic Safety Symposium

3M took its place at the Highway Traffic Safety Symposium: 3M, 21 - 23 5. Traffic Safety Products and Guidance Boards became the sponsor of Highway Traffic Safety Symposium and Exhibition. 3M exhibited innovative products and solutions for road safety in the booth at the event.
5. Road Traffic Safety Symposium and Exhibition, Turkey Ministry of Interior, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry, Security General Directorate of Traffic Education Services Department, Road Editing General Directorate of Road General Directorate, Police Academy and TÜVTURK Vehicle Inspection Station in Ankara in cooperation with ATO Organized between 21-23 May 2014 at the Congress Center. The aim of the symposium was to analyze traffic safety in a scientific platform with the participation of all stakeholders in a multifaceted manner and to develop solutions in the light of scientific suggestions and evaluations. The event ensured that all aspects of the traffic problem were addressed, as well as the deaths and injuries caused by collisions in road traffic, as well as their social and economic costs.
3M was the sponsor of the Traffic Safety Products and Guidance Signs at the Road Traffic Safety Symposium and Exhibition and exhibited road safety products and solutions such as reflective foils, temporary road marking materials, horizontal road markings and vehicle markings by opening a booth at the event. 3M Diamond Grade DG3 4090 Series Type 11 Reflective Film and 6,5 Series 3 Series Vehicle Marking Reflective Film with 983 Series Vehicle Marking Reflective Film Marking was Reflective Film.
Turkey 3 Safety, Security and Protection Products Spring Country Director Öztan Pakkan, "Road safety, because it creates social and economic burden, 3 as our top priority among our subjects. Road safety products and solutions include functions such as preventing accidents, saving lives, increasing safety, ensuring visibility of vehicles, reducing accidents and increasing commercial efficiency and reducing repair-maintenance costs. However, it is not possible to say that the level of awareness on road safety has yet been reached. We started a project in order to increase the use of reflective products in the vehicles and to create awareness about the fake reflective products. With the project, we aim to reach a wide audience. Proje He underlined how much importance 3M cares about road safety.
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3M has been developing new ideas for more than 110 years and turning these ideas into ingenious products. All business processes in key areas of innovation, 3M since 1987, serving in Turkey; It creates creative solutions inspired by its customers. 31M, which has an annual sales figure of 70 billion dollars and operates in 3 countries, has 89.000 employees worldwide. For more information http://www.3M.com’u You can visit or follow @ 3Mnews account on Twitter.
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For more than a year 110 the world which develop new ideas and turn those ideas ingenious products 3, 1987 years since Turkey is operating with a staff of more than 400. 3 Turkey, Çerkezköyhas been continuously investing in R & D facilities in its established production facility, producing local solutions for its customers. Personal care, home, hobby and stationery products, electrical, electronic, telecommunication systems, health products, traffic safety, graphics and advertising solutions, worker and workplace safety solutions and automotive, construction, chemical production offers solutions.

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