Turkey and Iran 33 the Railway Committee. Meeting was held

Turkey and Iran Railway delegation 33. Meeting Held: in railway transportation between Turkey and Iran between Turkey and Iran, the delegation held a meeting two years 33.'s was held in Malatya. Delegations of TCDD Malatya 5th Regional Directorate and Iran RAI Azerbaijan Regional Directorate attended the meeting.

TCDD General Directorate of RAM with Iran in a meeting is being held between the delegations of two years regarding rail transport between Iran and Turkey in accordance with the protocol signed in Ankara on 11-12 February 1989.

Turkey on behalf of TCDD Malatya 5 Regional Directorate, attended the event on behalf of the Iranian delegation to the Regional Directorate of RAM Tabriz 33 meeting was held in Malatya.

TCDD Malatya 5 at the meeting on behalf of Turkey. Regional Director Üzeyir Ülker and the Iranian delegation headed by RA Hassan Mousavi, Regional Director of Tabriz.

TCDD Malatya 5th Regional Manager Ülker said that the 2nd meeting between the delegations was held in Iran 32 years ago, and said, “We are holding the 33rd meeting in Malatya where the problems of railway border trade and transportation are discussed. TCDD 5th Regional Directorate has the Van Kapıköy Railway international export gate. There is also a highway gate here. This is an important door for both our country and Iran. We, as the railways, have an annual trade volume of 500 thousand tons, despite the decrease in exports and imports due to some problems experienced last year. As Railways, we care about this export. We started the renewal of this line in recent years because we care. Currently, our 114-kilometer road on the Beyhan-Genç line is being renewed. One month ago, we started the renovation works of the Muş-Tatvan line with a ceremony. At the end of May, we will start the renewal of our 1-kilometer railway line from Van to Kapıköy. All of the materials we will use here are our domestic production. In addition, in the last 123 years, we have done good work at our Van-Kapıköy border gate. There, we renewed our infrastructure and social facilities and arranged the field so that the transactions of our passengers coming from Iran can be carried out with better opportunities ”.

Indicating that the X-Ray device system was implemented at Kapıköy Railway Border Gate for freight trains to pass more easily and quickly, Ülker said, “The X-Ray device takes an x-ray of the wagon while being pulled with the locomotive without releasing the load in the wagons, and checks all the materials in the wagon from the computer. We export and import rapidly. If the schedule of Minister Hayati Yazıcı does not change, the painting opening ceremony of this facility will be held on Friday, May 16. As railways, we renewed our infrastructure, improved our border gate, and increased the quality of our trains. We expect and hope that our trade volume will increase to 1 million, 1.5 million tons in the near future ”.

Iran RAI Tabriz Regional Manager Mir Hassan Mousavi, on the other hand, in his speech, which started by expressing his sorrows and condolences for the incident that took place at the coal mine in Soma, said, “We had a meeting in Tabriz 2 years ago. We had agreed here. As a result, both passenger and services have improved and freight transport has increased within 2 years. We want an increase in passenger and freight transport between the two countries on railways ”.

At the meeting, including Turkey, and mainly in railway freight transportation between Iran, passenger and freight transport in negotiating solutions to problems and troubles, market research results were discussed to increase the load carrying.



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