3. When will the airport laying ceremony

  1. When will the airport groundbreaking ceremony be: 3. When will the airport foundation be opened? Here the date of the giant project has been determined. Obstacles for the 3rd airport in Istanbul have been overcome, and the foundation will be laid on June 17th. The Prime Minister will announce the name of the airport, which is now known as Istanbul Grand Airport.
  2. The groundbreaking ceremony of the airport postponed due to the Soma disaster will be held on June 17th, Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek confirmed this claim and announced that the foundations of the third airport will be laid in June.

All obstacles, such as the environmental plan and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report, have been overcome for the airport where Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan will announce his name.

For the airport, which is now known as the Istanbul Grand Airport, it was planned to lay the ground for the 19 May Atatürk Commemoration and Youth Sports Day.

However, the ceremony was abandoned because of the mourning in Soma. According to information obtained, 17 3 in June. groundbreaking ceremony for the airport.

The target at the airport, which will provide employment opportunities for 100 thousand people, is 150 million passengers. Cengiz-Kolin-Limak-Mapa-Kalyon joint venture group bid 3 billion 22 million Euros for the tender for the 152rd airport to be built in the area between Akpınar and Yeniköy villages at the Arnavutköy - Göktürk - Çatalca junction close to Terkos lake. kazanhad been.

The airport will include 3.5 runways, 4 to 4 kilometers long, 2 runways parallel to the Black Sea and 6 runways stretching perpendicular to the landing and departures of large aircraft. Thanks to these runways, the largest passenger aircraft Airbus A380 and Boeing 747-800 can land.

The total cost will be 10 stage of the construction of the airport 247 billion will be 3 million euro. The first phase of construction will be completed in October 2016. 3. The airport will be integrated with the North Marmara Motorway and the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, and the High Speed ​​Train will end at the transfer station at the airport.

3. for the construction of the EIA report prepared for the airport to cancel the decision to cancel the construction was not missing.

Nevzat Ersan, the President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, said that the 1 / 100 millennium environmental plan on the master plan for the airport is ready. Ersan stated that it would be possible to fill the airport land. Eden In some places, fillings can be made. Construction can be anywhere. However, after the ground investigations are done, it should be decided what kind of filling is to be made with filling material. Ancak

5 solid tree planting will be done instead of each tree to be cut

Environment and Urban Planning Minister İdris Güllüce recently answered a motion to ask a question, 3. the number of trees to be cut and cut due to the airport project is not yet known, stating that instead of every tree to be cut 5 solid tree planting will be done.

no name yet certain Istanbul Grand Airport 'pilot Vecihi important for the history of Turkey Hürkuş or passing in Rumi's name. Prime Minister Erdogan will announce the new name.

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