3rd airport disturbed Germany

📩 25/11/2018 18:28

  1. Germany did not bother airport: German President Gauck's explanations related to tourism in Turkey was disturbed our 3rd ATAG at the airport and congress tourism 'reacted to the words

German President Joachim Gauck's strong reaction came from tourism to Turkey's criticism on his home affairs. Industry players said the bother of Germany breakthrough in Turkey. Sinan Vardar, Honorary President of Jolly Tour, emphasized that Germany is particularly disturbed by THY's breakthroughs and the 3rd Airport project.


Stating that there is a market loss concern in the country, Vardar said, “Frankfurt is one of the most important transfer points in Europe. The 3rd Airport will be a serious competitor to Germany in this regard. He criticized Gauck's speech, saying that Istanbul will be the most important hub for flights to the East ”. Turkey's congress tourism in the first 5 to enter and will rise to 3 several years, emphasizing the Vardar, he told the following: "an ambitious congress tourism in Germany. Recently, Turkey has reared up on this issue. According to TÜRSAB data, Istanbul's congress halls are full until 2016. In addition, investments continue. Turkey should continue its steady rise in tourism in the economy. World tourism while the average annual growth rate of 4 percent over 10 percent of this figure in Turkey. All these processes cause serious disturbance in Germany. "


Turkey Hoteliers Federation (TUROFED) Chairman Osman sober, "No matter what is now Germany did not pass in front of the pill be Turkey," he said. He said that Turkey's tourism is a very important threshold jump sober, "Our country has a strategic position geographically. The meeting point of East and West, North and South. It is a very serious transfer center in terms of its location. '

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