Work on the TEM highway will be suspended on May 20

Work on the TEM highway will be interrupted on 20 May: Ercan Topaca, Governor of Kocaeli, will stop working on 5 May due to the traffic suffering due to the closure of the Ankara direction between the Gebze and Körfez districts to the superstructure isolation of the viaducts. announced that it would be given. Governor Topaca stated that TEM's Ankara direction will be re-opened on 20 May and the remaining work will be left after the Ramadan Feast.
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In line with the planning made by the Ministry of Transport, the Ankara route between Gebze-Körfez districts of TEM Highway was closed to transportation with the application, which started from 5:03.00 on 100 May. Traffic was directed to D-12 Highway starting from Gebze turnstiles. However, to come to Izmit from Istanbul direction in the morning and evening hours during the 100-day period has turned into a real ordeal. Since the vehicles coming from Istanbul via TEM are directed to the D-20 from Gebze turnstiles and the road leading to the turnstiles is only one lane, more than 19 kilometers of queues have occurred from Gebze to Istanbul Sultanbeyli. The same problem, the weather was getting better, and with the departure of the city on 3 May due to the May 5 Commemoration of Atatürk and Youth and Sports holiday, the vehicles were able to reach Izmit from Istanbul in 6-XNUMX hours last night.
In previous statements, it was planned to re-plan as the traffic distress increased a little more each day due to the studies in TEM, which will be 81 days long. The Governor of Kocaeli Ercan Topaca stated that this is a compulsory study but the D-100 does not remove this traffic these days: “The part of the highway between Gebze and Izmit East turnstile due to the renewal works of the asphalt of the viaducts between Gebze and Körfez Districts. primarily, the works were started in the direction of Istanbul-Ankara. But there is a lot of traffic these days. The E-5 (D-100) did not remove such heavy traffic because the schools were open and the high-speed train and the suburban line had not been put into service yet. We made an evaluation with our Minister of Transport. A new work schedule was made. According to this calendar, the asphalting work of the viaducts between Gebze and Körfez will be completed by the 20th of May, that is, next Monday night. The renewal of the viaducts in other parts will be postponed until a period after Ramadan. ”
Governor Ercan Topaca stated that during this planning, high-speed train and commuter train services will start until that period and schools will be closed. We also expect understanding from citizens. This asphalt work is not a normal asphalt. A very special asphalt brought at a temperature of 250 degrees. It is laid in a special block on the viaduct and should not pass over a day or two. For this reason, it stems from a little necessity. Of course, this density negatively affects our lives. However, this work will be finished on Monday evening. TEM Otoyulu will be back to normal starting from the 20th. ”



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