2. Rail Systems Panel was Held in Karabuk University (Photo Gallery)

  1. Rail Systems Panel was Held in Karabuk University: Karabük University Rail Systems Club; 2 on UM National Trains and Domestic Production “. Rail Systems Panel was created.

The panel held at Hamit Çepni Conference Hall; Deputy Governor of Karabük Erkan Çapar, Rector Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, Turkey Railways Machinery Industry Co. General Manager Yildiray Koçarsl, the authorities of Iron and Steel and Railway Systems Sector Pioneers Organization, The University Deans, our Director, Academic and Administrative our students with our staff participated.

2 is a 2 session in the afternoon and afternoon. Karabük University Rail Systems Club President Kemal Faruk Doğan, who made the opening speech of the Rail Systems Panel; Kur In 2011 Karabük University established a Rail Systems Engineering Department as a pioneer in the field of rail systems. This section is a big step for the sector to close the shortage of qualified personnel. We are also starting from this context Karabük University and to ensure that all Turkey's young engineers and attain the consciousness of the young brain rail system; we are organizing such panels and conferences for the emergence of the idea environment, the development of projects, the increase of awareness in the domestic industry and production. Mili Trains is the biggest dream of our country. It is a project carried out as the biggest step of Turkish engineering by reducing our dependence on foreign countries and we will discuss this project here today. Thank you for your participation. Katılım

Tayfun Kaya, President of the Association of Railroad Engineers (DEMÜHDER), who wishes mercy to our citizens who died in an accident in Soma; Tedir Even if this organization contributed to the future of the Railways as a point, we should know that the lines consist of dots and each small dot actually has a very big meaning. As we think about the values ​​that will emerge as Railway Engineers, we would like to say that we are aware that such organizations contain much more than the point. In fact, the main aim of 2010 as a group of friends in our way to go on the way we know each of the information; it was to turn it into an added value. We know that knowledge is power and power. Emerging railway engineers with scientific and streamlined rail vision in the light of Turkish engineers working in the railway sector in providing ordination wives to help the professional development of engineers, following the international railway development it to adapt to the national railway, to ensure the development of the scientific center of the national railway sector and the Railway Engineering concept in Turkey is our strategic goal. With each part, many steps have been taken to realize our own rail. The National Train Project is the target project that I would like to contribute the most during my career. Believing that we can contribute to the question of what we can add to the National Train project as railway engineers by means of such panels; I would like to thank everyone who contributed to such an organization. böyle

Our Rector emphasized that railways are a line of civilization. Dr. Burhanettin Uysal; . Before I started my speech, I wish God's mercy on our citizens who lost their lives as a result of the accident in Soma district of Manisa Province. We're 19. We are the descendants of an ancestor who laid the foundations of the Hejaz Railroads with scarce opportunities in the 20th century. In the past, the foundation of the Iron and Steel sector was laid, but the iron and steel industry was not crowned by academic studies. If 19. If the foundation of Rail Systems Engineering had been laid in the 19th century; Today, as one of the pioneers of the Iron and Steel Industry, our country has determined the competition market. The tests of the rail rails we produce are carried out abroad and after the tests are completed, the rails are sold to the State Railways. It opened within our University last point we have reached today as Turkey's first and only Iron and Steel Institute with which we produce rails tests we will perform at Karabük University. Again, our university from establishing the first Rail Systems Engineering Department in Turkey are raising the first Rail Systems Engineer for our country. We not only cultivate and prepare our students to become leaders of the future. In fact, as Karabük University Management, we are raising the leaders of the future. You can train a good engineer, a good doctor, but if you can't train a good leader, if you don't teach the person to set up a game, you'll be able to play your own game. But if you become a good playmaker yourself, you become the leader of yourself today and in the future. As Karabük University, we have always had the vision of catching up the leaders of the future, and today we are the pioneer university where the student initiative is at the forefront. 2 here today. I would like to thank the important organizations of the iron and steel industry who spent time with our teachers and students who have contributed to the organization by having the right proud of realizing the Rail Systems Panel once again. Ray

After the opening speech, 2. The first session of the Rail Systems Panel was held.

Turkey's 2023 target, rail KARDEMİR holds the moderator of the panel, expressed thanks to the system would perform Inc. Director of Ray Haddanesi Ibrahim Tozlu; , In the opening speeches, the past, present and future of the rail systems were expressed. The future will be the second largest investment rail systems in the 10 or 20 year. In our country, Rail Systems have lower and upper structure. Both freight transport and subways and other transport systems are all a whole. Together with the national wagons, we are on the way to becoming national in high-speed trains, tram wagons and freight transportation. What is national and domestic production and we will discuss many issues here today. I would like to thank you very much for your participation. Teşekkür KARDEMİR A.Ş. Vision and Mission, KARDEMİR A.Ş Units and Product Production Process, Ray Profile Rolling Mill, Finished Wheel Products and Features of Produced Rails were informed about the participants.

The first speaker of the afternoon session before Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ) Head of R & D Mahmut Demir; % Railway freight transport in our country is% 3 kind. The 2023 vision of our country is to increase this percentage to% 15 in Rail Freight Transportation. We need at least 60, 70 bin wagons. TCDD as the Main Coordinator and TÜDEMSAŞ as the Executing Company. T The National Freight Wagon Project informed the participants about TÜDEMSAŞ R & D Abilities and Objectives.

Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) Vice President Turgut Koksal; 'National Electric and Diesel Train Project' with the subject of the presentation; He talked about Diesel Train System, Iraq Railways Project, Marmaray Project, Milli Emu-Demu Project, Sales Revenue by Year, License Certification and Documents.

Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Corporation (TÜLOMSAŞ) Ozden Balkans in the presentation; National High Speed ​​Train and High Speed ​​Train Set Design Criteria-3 / 3 gave detailed information to the participants.

Dr. Günay Şimşek, Design Manager of Electronic Design Directorate of Military Electronics Industry (ASELSAN), in the presentation of 'National Trains Project, Stakeholders' Contributions'; He talked about Participation and Facilities, Critical Technologies in Trains, Control and Management of Trains and Traction Control System.

The final presentation of the afternoon session by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) Department of Energy Institute competent in performing Mr. Erkan Pullers Pullers presentation; TÜBİTAK Sustainable Development R & D, National Train Project, National Locomotive E1000, National Tram and Metro Vehicles, TUBITAK National Traction System, National Trains Project Domestic Production and Producers with the contribution of ASELSAN and TUBITAK Stakeholders of the National Trains Project discussed the issues.

The first presentation of the afternoon session Bozankaya Inc. Electrical Systems Coordinator Emrah Dal in his presentations; Rail System with Commercial Vehicle Design and Production Bozankaya A.Ş. on Rail Systems.

Second presentation Istanbul Transportation Inc. Hüsnü Levent Pandül by Mr. Pandül in his presentations; The Tramway Project Management Process addressed the participants' questions by mentioning the Project's National Value Added Project and Project Management Process.

The third presentation in the afternoon was carried out by the Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems (ARUS) Mehmet Tezel with the topic of AR Domestic Production and State Contribution Öğ. In the presentations of Mr. Tezel; Giving detailed examples of the National Contribution Share in South Africa Rail Systems with a Case Study, the participants gave detailed information about the Minimum Local Contribution Payments to be Made in Other Sectors.

The last presentation of the day is Ray News Owner Levent Özen Mr. Özen in his presentations; He talked about Comfort in Rail Transportation Systems, Railway Components, Railway Vehicles, Electrical and Electronic Works, Main Factors Affecting Comfort in Rail Systems, Parts of Rails, Urban Railway Control Analysis and finally ended his presentations with a video on systems in tunnels.

Following the presentations, Kemal Faruk Doğan, the President of the Rail Systems Club, made the closing speech by answering the questions of the participants. . We performed 2. With the Rail Systems Panel, we received invaluable information from the authorities of the industry's leading organizations. Our Rector, who gave us this opportunity, Dr. I would like to thank Burhanettin Uysal for his time at the busy working tempo. Eder 2. In the name of the institutions and organizations participating in the Rail Systems Panel, tree planting was started.

In the botanical garden of our university, in the memory of the day; Kemal Faruk Dogan, the President of the Rail Systems Club of the University, is the leader of the pioneering organizations of the Iron and Steel and Rail Systems Sector. He presented to Ray Haddanesi Manager İbrahim Tozlu.

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