16. Turkey Bird Conference in Istanbul

  1. Bird Conference in Istanbul, Turkey: Istanbul Nature Society and the Society of Ornithology (İKGT) will organize "Birds 16.Türki Conference" will be held in Istanbul from May 9 to 11, 2014.
    It will be held at Sarıyer Demirciköy Cultural Center and will host international participants. Turkey Bird Conference "this year's theme is" Migration Routes and Threats: The Case of Istanbul ".
    It is of special importance that the conference will be held this year in Istanbul, which is under the threat of natural destruction caused by crazy projects such as 3rd Airport, 3rd Bridge and Canal Istanbul.
    The first two days of the conference, which was held with the contributions of Sarıyer Municipality, will be discussed in terms of the nature of Istanbul and its importance for global bird migration routes, and threats and protection strategies. The last two days of the conference coincide with the World Migratory Birds Day, which will be celebrated on 10 -11 May 2014 this year. For this reason, the “Migration Festival” will be held on Sunday, May 11, in which Istanbul residents are expected to attend. Within the scope of the festival, which will be held for the first time, various social events and picnics will be organized for both adults and children. As it coincides with the spring migration, the migration of birds of prey will be monitored and events stating that the areas that will disappear with projects such as the 3rd Bridge and the 3rd Airport belong to not only humans but also other living things.
    BirdLife International's partner in Turkey with Nature Society conference regarding General Manager Engin Yilmaz said:
    “Istanbul is not a city with only 11 Important Natural Areas and 50 species that are endangered on a global scale. It is also a city where 15 million people share their lives with millions of migratory birds. For this purpose, we plan to scientifically reveal how the projects carried out on the bird migration routes in the conference have threats for this diversity and what tragic consequences they have. 3. Istanbul, which is under the threat of projects such as Bridge, 3rd Airport, Channel Istanbul, which also increases the pressure of construction, has a critical importance on a global scale with its rich cultural and biological diversity. For this reason, the consequences of the nature destruction caused by crazy projects will affect not only Istanbul but the whole world. " said.
    Akdoğan Özkan, one of the members of the Istanbul Bird Watching Group, said, “We are expecting this type of conferences for the first time not only ornithologists and bird watchers, but anyone who is concerned about the nature of the city. " said.

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