Fog affecting Istanbul caused density in Marmaray

The fog in Istanbul caused density in Marmaray: Marmaray is intense due to the cancellation of all ferry services due to the heavy fog in Istanbul.

Due to the fog in Istanbul, the sea transportation, City Lines and Istanbul Sea Buses AŞ can not be operated many times.

Marmaray voyages are experiencing very busy hours in Istanbul this morning due to the fog and ferry cancellations.

According to the statement on the website of İstanbul Şehir Hatları AŞ, all ferry services of Istanbul were canceled due to fog.

In city statement made by sea transportation, ”All our ferry services in Istanbul have been canceled due to fog. We ask you to choose alternative transportation channels until the fog loses its effect ”.

According to the information on the IDO website, Bostancı- with a ferry service on the Sirkeci-Harem line due to heavy fog.Kabataş The lines on the line cannot be operated.

Due to the heavy fog in Istanbul, due to the cancellation of all ferry services, the density of Marmaray is observed. KadıköyWhile, and Üsküdar voyages are canceled due to fog in sea transportation, the citizens alternatively provide uninterrupted transportation with the Marmaray line without getting caught in the fog barrier. Instead of the ferry services that were canceled due to the heavy fog in Istanbul this morning, the citizen was able to reach Marmaray quickly and safely.

Fog affects in the Dardanelles

The fog, which was active in some parts of the Bosphorus, dropped the sight distance to less than half a mile. On top of that, the Dardanelles Strait was closed to transit transit from both directions.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 12:24

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