Yemeniler Hayri Usta from Gaziantep, delivery to Hollywood by Aras Tahsilatlı

📩 24/11/2018 12:01

Yemenis from Hayri Usta from Gaziantep, from Aras Tahsilatlı, to deliver to Holywood: In the new commercial film of Aras Kargo, Yemenici Hayri Usta, who made shoes for Holywood productions such as Troy, 300 Spartans and Harry Potter, shares the leading role with Aras Collection.
Aras Kargo Aras, the pioneer and innovative brand of the cargo industry, has shot a new commercial in Gaziantep and Sarıyer's Garipçe Village for the collection service. The film tells the story of how Orhan Çakıroğlu, owner of the Yemeni Hayri Usta brand, who continues the family tradition in 4 generations in its small shop in Bakırcılar Bazaar in Gaziantep, transports its products to film sets using Aras Collection's service. The cost of the products ordered by Aras Collection are paid at the time of delivery and deposited to the account of the Yemeni master.
Orhan Çakıroğlu, who is a customer of Aras Kargo for 14 years and branded the food of his father Hayri, explained the advantages of the customers who ordered online on the Internet thanks to Aras Collection service, whether they can pay the price of the products at the door with credit card or cash. Especially the importance of collecting the wages of the products sold by SMEs under Aras assurance, emphasized the importance of fast delivery in Yemen.
Especially in e-commerce businesses and customers, the fastest growing service in the sector of advertising is known as Aras in the commercial film 3D and real animation technique is used.
”More than 3400 companies are using Aras Collection“
Providing information about the advertising campaign, Aras Kargo Corporate Communication and Marketing Assistant General Manager Burçun İmir said, ir We launched the strong and sustainable image that separates the brand through the Aras campaign we launched at the end of last year. 35. In addition to creating trust in areas such as speed and delivery performance, we wanted to tell our customers different services and solutions to their different needs. Especially in the age of internet, where e-commerce is the leverage of the economy, we have provided the guarantee of Aras Collection service to more than 3400 companies. Özellikle
In addition to television, Aras Cargo will use radio, newspaper, magazine, outdoors billboards, metro turnstiles, security doors of shopping malls, plazas as a medium.
Aras Collection advantages
Aras Collection is a practical service that can be used for customers who shop electronically but do not want to provide credit card information for payment or do not use credit cards. The product price of the order is collected from the buyer at the door with the guarantee of Aras Kargo and transferred to the bank account of the seller. Especially for small, medium or large enterprises that sell products through electronic commerce (internet, TV, telephone etc.), who want to offer a 'option to pay the product price at the time of delivery', who want to reach a large consumer potential independent of their location. provides convenience.


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