Yandex now also analyzes Ankara traffic

📩 24/11/2018 12:01

Yandex is now analyzing Ankara traffic as well: Ankara residents lose traffic every day in the 20 Year. The traffic problem in major cities, especially Istanbul, causes a lot of time and stress. With the developing technology, every second lost in traffic can be calculated and the result is not very happy, but important data can be reached.
Acclaimed Internet company Yandex Turkey with a private service, after Istanbul with its technology for Ankaralılar "congestion index" began to offer n. Analyzing Ankara's traffic, Yandex revealed that the people of Ankara had lost an 24 traffic every hour in the 20 hour.
Yandex traffic congestion index, which shows how busy the traffic in the city is, has been presented to the people of Ankara. Users who want to keep track of traffic jams according to the developed score table can see the relevant index on both Yandex's home page, Yandex. Maps and Yandex.Navigation. Within the scope of new information and detailed analyzes, with the traffic data updated every 4 every minute, Ankara people can learn the traffic status, 0 points serbest free roads “and 10 points veril traffic is not progressing Ankar in the form of 0-10.
Ankara people are pushing the most traffic in the evening!
According to the data of Yandex.Trraffic service, in Ankara, 24 is spending about 20 in an hourly time. Especially in the morning, the traffic density that starts at 07: 30 is the peak time to 10: 00 to 4. At noon, the descending traffic continues to be as high as 17: 00 at night and continues to be as high as 19: 00. Ankara residents often spend time on weekday evening traffic, and most of the time they live on Friday evenings.
On the weekend, Yandex congestion index is following an inverted graph. The traffic congestion index, which reached the highest levels during the daytime hours on Saturday, shows the lowest rates on Sundays. In the rainy days, as in all cities, traffic in Ankara is experiencing the busiest times.

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