Work for Sivasta Ski Resort

Work Started for Sivasta Ski Facility: Sivas Special Provincial Administration started work for the construction of Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center. According to the written statement made by the Special Provincial Administration, Provincial Secretary General Salih Ayhan, Deputy Governor Mustafa Aydın, Health Provincial Director Bahattin İlter, Provincial Special Administration Plan Project Investment and Construction Manager Göksel Yerlikaya, Zoning Urban Improvement Manager Emrullah Toprak and Yıldız Technical staff He made examinations on the mountain and determined the location of the ski facility to be built in the region. Ayhan stated that the works continue at the Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center, the construction of which was started in order to contribute to winter tourism in Sivas.

Stating that they are investigating the construction of facility areas in the region where the rollers and poles are installed, Ayhan noted that a family health center, gendarmerie station, facility management building, day-care facilities, sewerage, drinking water infrastructure and a hotel will be built in the area. Stating that the projects of the day-to-day facilities have been completed and that the tender will be made in a short time, Ayhan stated that the zoning planning of the facilities to be built in the ski center has also started. Stating that the necessary infrastructure and aid facility works will begin in a short time, Ayhan said, “Our institution is implementing a very important project in our province. In terms of winter tourism, both to our province and to the people of the region. kazanYıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center will be operational in the winter months of next year," he said.

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