Volvo FH16 Euro 6 orders started (Photo Gallery)

Volvo FH16 Euro 6 orders are now underway: orders have been received for the Volvo FH16 Euro 6. The first Euro 750 versions of the Volvo FH3550 will be delivered in early June, with the 16 hp and 6 Nm being the world's most powerful truck.
The world's most powerful mass-production truck, the Volvo FH16 is ideal for heavy-duty machines and timber transporters, as well as for fast transport jobs that require extremely high levels of driving and productivity. It is possible to order 750, 650 and 550 hp with new generation engines that meet the 16 liter and all Euro 6 norms. In addition to their low emissions, the new engines offer higher torque at lower revs, a stronger engine brake and quieter operation.
Tüketim The Volvo FH6 with Euro 16 engine has the same durability, the same fuel consumption and the same power characteristics, X said Astrid, Product Manager at Volvo Trucks Drivelines. At the moment, however, the driver has the option to control the maximum torque level from the 900 or 950 cycle according to the selected engine power. Thanks to this improved torque curve, our customers can also increase fuel efficiency by opting for a faster rear differential gear ratio. Bu
All engines include Volvo's automatic transmission I-Shift. The 550 HP version offers an optional manual transmission. It is also possible to add Volvo's VEB + engine braking feature to all engine alternatives. The maximum braking effect was increased from 2200 kW to 425 kW at 470, reducing both safety and wear of the brake pads.
Volvo's engineers used the chilled EGR (Exhaust Gas Cycle Permanent) with an updated system for the finishing of exhaust gases to achieve low NOx emissions within Euro 6 requirements. The new dual-stage turbocharger helps both the EGR cycle work and the high power generation. The pilot injection feature in the engine means that a small amount of fuel is pre-injected into the cylinder, which means more regular pressure and a more stable combustion.
Information box
Euro 6 interior Volvo FH16
· Volvo D16K550 / 650 / 750: In-line six-cylinder diesel engine with double-stage turbo, overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder and common-rail injection.
· 750 with HP (3550 Nm), 650 HP (3150 Nm) and 550 HP (2900 Nm *)
· 5 lower particulate emission (PM) and 50 lower nitrogen oxides (NOx) than Euro 80
· Euro 6 FH16 can be ordered in European markets
* Manual transmission 2800 Nm.



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