Uzungöl Cable Car Line Contract Signed

📩 24/11/2018 13:29

Uzungöl Cable Car Line Contract Signed: Uzungöl Cable Car Line Contract Signed: Uzungöl, rich in terms of wildlife, rich species diversity, in every season presented to visitors unique landscape beauties, landslide natural set lake as a result of having been declared as Natural Park in 1989 .

Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs Nature Conservation and National Parks XII. The Regional Directorate of Trabzon Branch Directorate of the area of ​​responsibility of the Nature Conservation and National Parks of Uzungol Nature Park prepared by the General Directorate of Long Term Development Plan 11.04.2013 was approved by the date of entry into force. In accordance with the Long Term Development Plan, starting from the Haroskomları area and ending at the Sarıkaya plateau area, the cable car line consisting of 3 station feet and the usage area and construction and operation of the buildings and facilities in the field has been realized on the date of 2886 according to the State Tender Law No. 13.03.2014 and the contract for the tender. April was signed on 3.

The work subject to the contract will be the first time in Trabzon and includes three station feet of 3540 meters and the cable car line consisting of daily use areas at station stations. When the project is completed, daily use areas will include cafeterias, local and souvenir sections.

Uzungöl Nature Park, which is one of the protected areas of international importance of our city, will provide a new employment gate in the region with this investment, and in our country and perhaps in the World, 4 will offer a tourism opportunity. With this study, a base will be formed for the ski facilities planned to be built in the highlands in this region for the purpose of nature tourism.

The Uzungol Nature Park has been visited by people over 1.000.000 for the last few years. Uzungöl attracts great attention of local and foreign tourists and it is very rich in terms of tourism potential with its resource values. In the Nature Park and its surroundings, there are trekking, sportive fishing, bird watching, botanical tours, as well as trips to higher lakes or other nearby highlands like Şekersu, Demirkapı and Yaylaönü.