TCDD will carry coal benefits

TCDD will carry the coal aid: The Council of Ministers made a decision to ensure that coal aid is made based on a more transparent and official procedure. The “Decision Regarding Coal Aid to the Poor Families” published in the Official Gazette includes how this aid will be given, where the coal will be procured and how it will be distributed. This will prevent illegal organizations such as the "parallel structure" from distributing aid to their own bases. Some of the innovations brought by the decision are as follows:

GOVERNOR'S DETERMINATION: According to the current practice, coal assistance was given to those identified by social assistance and solidarity foundations. In the new regulation, foundations will be effective in determining lists of poor families. But who will be given the last word of governors. The poor families will be provided with a minimum of 500 per year of coal.

COAL TKI RECEIVED: In the current practice, municipalities could distribute coal from the quarries they wanted. According to the new decision coal Turkey Coal Enterprises (TKI) will deliver to the Governor's buying. TKI will be able to supply coal from its own quarries. T from the transport of coal and Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises (TTK) will be responsible for the general directorates. Governorships will take the coal to the distribution areas. From here to the needy families will be distributed. Governorships will determine the organizations that will distribute.

QUALITY COAL WILL BE DISTRIBUTED: The coal to be distributed will not be harmful to the environment. The quality of the coal will comply with the criteria in the Air Pollution Control Regulation published by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

TCDD WILL CARRY: Coals will be transported by the trains of the State Railways. TCDD will also give priority to the transportation of these coals.

PROHIBITED DISTRIBUTION: During coal distribution, the right of those who do not benefit from this option will be protected. The state will pay the tax itself for the coals to be distributed. Taxes and charges arising from the delivery of coal shall be borne by TKİ and TTK.

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