the transport sector was trapped in Turkey

Transport sector in Turkey was trapped: the logistics sector is one of the critical sectors in terms of Turkey's foreign trade, on the one hand by blocking the European Union, on the other hand is the opposite as the largest expense item of high fuel costs and grappling Turkey in the transport sector closed jammed Turkey 'logistics industry is the one of the critical sectors in terms of foreign trade, on the one hand by blocking the European Union, and on the other side as the largest expense item grappling with the high fuel costs across the logistics sector in improving Turkey's foreign trade and economy after the construction industry, advanced is a sector that is very important for the country to reach its status. However, the location is one of the most important advantages for Turkey's logistics, quickly turns into a disadvantage in recent years. In the West, member states of the European Union use trade agreements, while low oil prices in the East kill the competitiveness of Turkish firms. logistics industry leading position in terms of improving the economies of developing countries, one of the most important and rapidly growing commercial area for Turkey. which it is in competition with many European countries emerging as the geography where Turkey is becoming a victim of trade liberalization between the European countries. Using every opportunity to assess the development of the logistics industry in Eastern European countries, European Union membership and trade facilitation agreement leaves behind many thanks to Turkey.
EU blocking sector
Commenting on the subject, Batu Logistics Chairman Taner Ankara, especially the North European countries, such as the development of countries that have completed a significant amount of logistics instead of investing in the field of external services to buy, he said. Sweden's showing examples of transport carried out in the year 2013 from Turkey Taner Ankara, the 5193 4721 pieces made the move indicated that perform Turkish plate of the vehicle. Rates are similar in developed countries such as Switzerland or the UK. When Eastern European countries point to the declining competitiveness of Turkey. Taner Ankara said, ler Although the service area and quality of Turkish logistics companies are wide, competing with Eastern European countries is quite difficult due to their membership in the European Union. 2013 8722 3305 in the year of the XNUMX number of Turkish plate-made vehicles only, ında he said. Countries such as Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia may experience even lower rates.
Eastern market is hitting fuel prices
The biggest expense item as we face the fuel costs in the logistics process make it difficult to compete with Turkey's eastern and southeastern border neighbors. Taner Ankara, Turkey on imports from such countries say they prefer the company of their own country.



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