Turkey Ski Federation President sober, with Mus Chi Club Meets

Turkey Ski Federation President sober, with Mus Chi Club Meets: Turkey Ski Federation President Özer sober and Board members met with representatives of the Mus ski sports clubs. Federation President sober meeting held in Turkey Ski Federation Board Member Mustafa Efendioğlu, Mithat Lightning, magnificent Bronze Age, was accompanied by Okan Gideon and Gülen Sunguroğlu.

Turkey's Federation President in statements about skiing Ozer sober, sports clubs and in Mus Mus to come due to coexist with representatives said he was very happy. Mus Turkey Ski Federation underlines that it is very important to sober up after a new ski federation elections needed to be done in case of being elected Mus said they were ready to give every kind of support.

Stating that Muş had an important position for Turkish skiing, Ayık said: edi First of all, it is very nice to be in Muş, this is our home, our home. I'm very happy to be with friends here. Muş has a very important place in Turkish skiing. In particular, one of the centers that can truly believed the heart of Turkey. Mous is very important for us. We have tried to give the value that we deserve so far. I think we're doing important things. Muş will be very important for us after the election. I think you deserve it, and that we will be able to get the services through our presence. But in the new era, one of the dreams about Muş is the ski resort. It would be a better ski resort. For this, we will give every support from the slightest of the slightest doubt.


Mus Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate and Provincial Education by the schools affiliated with the cooperation of the Directorate stated that they plan to benefit from current young potential Turkey Ski Federation President Özer sober, he said infrastructure in the city will try to make it more powerful. Explaining that they have very important projects, Ayık said, olduğun It can be done very important works by working in coordination with the Youth Sports Directorate. All Muş club with the most delegates in Turkey. So we think that we have already given important support to our clubs. Muş'ta most clubs in the biggest support is already here. Inshallah we have very important thoughts and projects in order for the infrastructure to be formed in a much more powerful way. In


Turkey Ski Federation President Özer sober periods Governor Erdogan Bektas is ready to provide the necessary support Mus meet with only interviewed projects pointed out that the realization of Mus Amateur Sports Clubs President of the Federation Kemal Turkan, support was stressed that the benefit in delivering a single candidate. Stating that Ayık is a great chance for Muş, Türkan said, “It is a chance for Özer Ayık Muş. They are the children of Mithat Yıldırım, Muhtesim Tunç and Turgay Köse Muş. It is a chance for them to be in the Ski Federation. I guess that many delegates who are not here are in Ozer Ayık. In no federation, you cannot find three Musus together. Come together with my request from Muş and it is best to go behind one candidate. Our Federation President told Muş that he would make attempts for a new ski resort, and they had previously made these attempts. We thank them. ”

Özcanlar Mus meeting held at ASKF Chairman Kemal Türkan, Turkey Ski Federation Central Arbitration Board Member Bülent Shoot, Moosh ski club representatives, coaches and athletes attended.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:28

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