Problems of Turkish Road Transporters are Moved to the European Commission

📩 24/11/2018 12:08

Problems of Turkish Road Transporters are Moved to the European Commission: In recent years, UTIKAD, FIATA and CLECAT have been successful in the transit carriage quotas and transit fees applied to Turkish TIRs, which have been transported to Europe especially by Bulgaria and Romania.

Following the initiatives of UTIKAD, which carries the problems of Turkish companies in European transports to the agenda of FIATA and CLECAT, the two most competent institutions of the global logistics sector applied to the European Commission to provide a permanent solution.

In the joint text sent to the European Commission's transport unit by FIATA and CLECAT, the high-level and most influential institutions in the world of transport and logistics, the problems are not confined to the countries concerned, making the trade to the European Union difficult and the problems must be solved before the European Commission. for this, it was reported that they were ready for negotiations.

The Turkish road transport sector, as well as the Turkish industrialists and exporters, was the subject of the last issue, which was last March at the FIATA Central Meetings where UTİKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin participated as the Vice President of FIATA. The report prepared by the Highway Working Group called for the evaluation of the issue with FIATA, CLECAT, IRU before the European Union.

FIATA General Manager Marco Sorgetti and CLECAT Director General Nicolette van der Jagt, the Director General of the European Commission for Mobility and Transport, Matthias Ruete, the text of the text, the international road transport between the European Union member countries and neighboring countries between the countries of the bilateral agreements today interfere with the easing of trade was expressed.

The transport of cargo which is subject to international trade mutual member countries of the problems, especially in the text cited that moved FIATA and CLECAT by Turkey and Turkey, Bulgaria, and an illustration of the difficulties with Romania said: "Bilateral agreements between countries continues to cause problems. According to this issue, EU Commission Vice-President and Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas points to the EU legislation 1072 / 2009 1 and states that necessary agreements should be signed between the EU and non-member countries. At the meeting of the World Trade Organization, it was revealed that the bureaucracy should be abolished and growth should be supported in order to facilitate international trade. Örgüt

UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, his assessments on the subject, the Turkish economy, industrialists, exporters and the transportation to the agenda of the European Commission's working process against the carrier stating that the largest share of the venture, which made the UTIKAD, said the development of both Turkey's economy Turkish road transport and logistics sector, he said.

Turgut Erkeskin said: etkili FIATA, which is highly influential on the UN and the European Commission, is the top body of the global logistics sector. CLECAT is the sector's representative in Europe. Turkey and the Turkish transport and logistics sector for many years UTIKAD representing the fıata, Chairman of the Working Group on Road today, especially Vice President of FIATA, maritime and railway in the Working Groups has become a highly influential position. UTİKAD represents our sector as an observer member at CLECAT. The successful and effective work of UTİKAD in FIATA and CLECAT, which is the highest organ of the global logistics sector, has also benefited in solving the problems of road transport.

This issue, which we have been insisting on for many years and expressed in every platform, has ceased to be perceived as a problem between countries and is accepted as a common problem of the European Union countries. This letter, which was sent to the European Commission by FIATA and CLECAT, is also an indication of the importance that UTIKAD has given to these issues as a result of its successful relations with these two organizations for many years. " said.

Erkeskin, he continued as follows: "The European Community is Turkey's largest trading partner. However, its proximity to emerging economies around Turkey today also bears a special importance for Europe and other countries of the world. With the protectionist reflex of the EU member Bulgaria and Romania, Turkish road transporters have problems in European transports, while at the same time hitting the union's trade relations. Today, trade unions are being adversely affected by international trade, while international trade is being lifted. With the fact that this fact has been seen, it is of great importance for the development of our country and our sector that the problem should be removed from the conflict between the countries and put forward as a common problem of the EU and be dealt with in a platform that can be solved in this respect. Bu

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