TRT Broadcasting History Museum Wagon

TRT Publishing History Museum Wagon in Samsun: December 10, 2012 opened the TRT Publishing History Museum Wagon, Turkey Radio and Television Corporation to be closer to the 50th anniversary of listeners and viewers, experiences, knowledge and memory to share memories that accumulate on the road 31 January to Ankara he will visit 20 provinces from Edirne to Kars. In this context, the TRT Broadcasting History Museum Wagon, which came to Samsun on Monday, January 14, 2014, was opened to the public at TCDD Station.

Our Governor Hüseyin AKSOY, who visited the museum, which will be open to the people of Samsun for two days, on the first day, said that the virtual studio application, which includes microphones, cameras, montage table, sound and video recording devices from 1935, and which is the last point of today's broadcasting from the first radio broadcast in our country. He studied with interest the materials that shed light on the history of TRT, which is one of the first examples of the blue box studio and the museum.

Following the examinations, copywriter and TRT Museum Wagon attendant Mine Sultan ÜNVER made an interview with Governor Hüseyin AKSOY to be broadcast on TRT Radio, TRT Documentary Channel and TRT News Channel.

Governor Huseyin AKSOY said in an interview with TRT Broadcasting History Museum Wagon: T First of all, TRT's 50. I celebrate your year. TRT in Turkey, especially in publishing, radio and television nature of our institution with a school. Many people who grow up in TRT are working in various institutions and educating people like a school. Especially in this museum wagon, this is one of the organizations that tell us the development and the historical process. Where did the TRT come from? How the technology progressed. Here, we find the opportunity to see and evaluate closely together.

Especially, I would like to know how young people can come and watch this and how to prepare for the next period with their experiences. Because technology is developing very quickly and TRT is constantly developing and renewing itself in this fast developing technology, today it is in a position to compete with many broadcasters internationally and is ahead of them. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to being TRT General Manager. I would like to thank everyone who brought our institution up to the present day. Önceki

Copywriter and TRT Publishing History Museum Wagon Officer Mine Sultan ÜNVER said, “Dear Valim, Was there a corner in our Museum Wagon that impressed you? Our Governor, Mr. Hüseyin AKSOY, said, “There certainly was. The broadcast of that first radio, the old television cameras and the first montage units impressed me. Very different and very large tools change, develop and shrink with the development of technology in the process. Our broadcasting continues with more technological products. "It is very important to be able to see this development at once, to watch and feel the difference."

After the interview, Governor Hüseyin AKSOY, who signed the memorial book of the museum, wrote in the memo: Rö TRT's Foundation 50. I was very pleased to visit TRT Museum Wagon, which came to Samsun as part of the Year Activities. Radio and Television to reflect the progress with this beautiful work we also had the opportunity to see the development in Turkey. TRT has been constantly improving itself from the day it was founded, I congratulate our organization, I thank all the people who contributed. En he wrote.

TCDD Samsun Station Manager Ergani ÇEKİÇ, Samsun Piri Reis Anatolian Trade Vocational and Communication Vocational High School teachers and students attended the visit.

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