Trolleybus Tosun is on the road again

first domestic trolleybus tosun
first domestic trolleybus tosun

People passing by Millet Street in Istanbul nowadays look around in bewilderment when they see him. The reason is 'Tosun'. Tosun, which was designed locally as a result of the insistence of IETT workers in 1968, returned to the streets of Istanbul after 46 years. The renewed version of Tosun came about after 3 months of work. Tosun, which has been renovated in accordance with its originality, makes two trips a day. The line number is 87!

Istanbul 1960'li began to receive immense immigration with years. Then the trolleybus lines began to spread all over the city. The first line for the Trolleybus line established in Istanbul in 1961 was laid on Topkapı Eminönü line. For Trolleybuses, the Italian company Ansaldo San Giorgia produced a trolleybus fleet of 100 over the years. The operating cost of the trolleybuses reached to 60 million TL in the 70s. Trolleybuses were waiting in Şişli and Topkapı garages during their service period. In 1968, IETT workers wanted to make a Trolleybus themselves.


After that, after a period of 5 months of feverish work, the local bus called Tosun appears. With Tosun joining the trolleybus fleet, the number of trolleybuses in Istanbul went to 101. The 101 door trunking system has been serving the residents of Istanbul for the 16 year. Tosun Latille-Floirat brand was the result of the changes made.


Trolleybuses, which were frequently on the roads due to power cuts and interrupted the flights, were removed from 16 in July 1984 on the grounds that they blocked traffic. The vehicles were sold to the General Directorate of ESHOT of Izmir Municipality. The 23 annual Istanbul adventure of the trolleybuses was thus over.


Tosun, which has an important place in IETT's 143-year history, was reshaped in 2013 by the masters of IETT, just like the nostalgic tram, and was ready for the journey after 45 years. Departing on the Edirnekapı-Taksim line numbered 87, Tosun offers service on the Edirnekapı Karagümrük Fatih Unkapanı Şişhane Taksim route, departing from Topkapı at 9:10 in the morning and at 15.30:XNUMX in the evening.


The first Turkish trolley bus, 'Tosun', which was produced as a result of 1968 month-long work in the workshops in Şişli garage by XIUM of IETT, took its place on the roads after 5 year. With the 29 worker from IETT and the 6 engineer, Tosun was rebuilt in 1 once a month in the İkitelli garage and started to operate in Edirnekapı-Taksim line with the number 3. Serving twice a day in the first place, Tosun's voyages will be a little more frequent in the following months. Tosun, which was started to be used by Istanbulites for a short time, was first organized by IETT since 87 and last year at 2010 süre 25 December 26 at the Istanbul Congress Center. International Transportation Symposium and Fair.


The number 1955 of the Latille-Floirat bus, which joined the IETT fleet in 4 and was later transformed into Tosun, unloads and unloads passengers in Tünel Square. In May, IETT is expected to drive another nostalgic vehicle.

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