TMME 2013 4. Quarter Results Announced

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TMME 2013 4. Quarter Results Announced: Turkey Customer Satisfaction Index (IMMA) Year 2013 4. According to quarterly results, Arçelik, Axa Sigorta, Bosch, BİM, İş Bank, MNG Cargo, Samsung, Siemens, Volkswagen and Ziraat Bank became the leading brands in customer satisfaction.
81 in the province, 11 564 thousand consumers by computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI) and made special econometric analysis model is determined by Turkey Customer Satisfaction Index 2013 years 4. quarter results announced.
In the 2013 year of 4, TV, White Goods, Health Insurance / Casco, National Cargo Distribution, Passenger Cars, Chain Markets and Retail Banking sectors were measured.
TMME 2013 4. According to the results of the quarter in the television sector, Arçelik, Bosch and Siemens in the white goods sector, Axa Insurance in the Health Insurance / Casco sector, MNG Cargo in the National Cargo Distribution sector, Volkswagen in the passenger car industry, BİM in the Chain Markets sector, İşbank in the private banking category in the retail banking sector, In the category of public banks, Ziraat Bank became the leader in customer satisfaction.
Far Eastern companies in the television industry are more satisfied with their customers
Television industry TMME 2009 2013, which is the sector that most satisfied its customers during the period measured since 4. in the quarter; As in previous years, the measured 7 maintained its first place among the sector. While the Far Eastern companies, which are the leader in the production of LCD and plasma panels, continued to leave behind domestic TV producers, TMME indices of domestic brands also increased compared to the previous year.
Samsung ranked first on the brand-based ranking in 2013.
Intense competition between brands in the white goods sector was observed
customer satisfaction is the white goods sector, which is one of the leading sectors in terms of Turkey's production increased by two percentage points compared to 2012 years 80 points. Arçelik, Bosch and Siemens 82 shared first place in the sector where there is intense competition between brands.
In 2013 sales reached a record high, customer satisfied with the passenger car industry
The automotive industry closed the year with a record level of sales. This momentum has led to an increase in the 2013 points in the customer satisfaction index of the passenger car industry, which continued to maintain the same level since 2009. The 2 percentage increase in the sector was the main reason for the increase (2 score) of the TMME 2013 4 quarter.
In 2013, Volkswagen ranked first in the rankings of brands.
In the insurance sector index 2 points declined.
In the Health Sector / Insurance sector, which is the first sector in the financial institutions category, customer satisfaction decreased by 2012 points compared to 2. Turkey Insurance, Reinsurance and Pension Companies According to profitability announced by Union ie insurance dragging the insurance sector, motor vehicle insurance while playing an active role in the profitability of the general conditions of 2013 segment changes made in April, IMMA Health insurance / satisfaction index of all companies located in Casco sector fell a few points . The most important feature of the sector's TMME scores was the fact that the index values ​​of four large insurance institutions were very close to each other, while Axa Sigorta ranked first in customer satisfaction.
Index in the banking sector increased by 1 points
According to the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA), the Turkish Banking Sector General Outlook Report for December, the banking sector's branching and employment growth rate in 2013 reached the highest annual rate of increase since 2009. The banking sector increased its net profit for 2012 by 5,1 by 2013 by the end of the year.
When TMME data were analyzed, it was seen that the sector, which increased its profitability, tended to compensate for the decline in 2012 in the individual customers segment. The satisfaction index of all banks except Garanti Bank increased compared to 2012 in the sector, which increased the customer satisfaction index by one point compared to the 2012 year.
The National Index increased in the last quarter.
Turkey Quality Association (Kal), and international research institutions conducted by KA Research Limited is a joint venture between Turkey Customer Satisfaction Index (IMMA) 2013 years 4. 2013 year 3 according to quarter results. The national customer satisfaction index, measured as 76,2 in the quarter, was 0,4 with an increase of 76,6. In the same period, the American Customer Satisfaction Index increased by 0,1 to 76,8.
TMME, which displays the satisfaction of consumers from the products and services they purchase, contributes to the development and promotion of customer satisfaction awareness throughout the country, while it enables organizations to see their own position and position of competitors and develop strategy.
2013 25 29 661 customer views
Evaluating the results Kalder Chairman Hamdi Dogan, "to serve the national economy and the country's sustainable development, to contribute to the future of our country to develop the models and services needed by society and the business world is one of our most important tasks," he said. Since its approach, moving from 2005 years Turkey Customer Satisfaction stated that they walked the Index work Hamdi Dogan, in 2013 In the 25 industry has made in detail to the customer satisfaction measurement 106 organizations and a total of 29 thousand 661 quantity stated that they perform customer calls. Dogan, 9 after the annual working period, the national index system, data, trends in scientific circles and international success is considered as an example of success in the di TMME with the quality of products and services in the country and customer satisfaction is increasing, decreasing? I,, Positive in the index or are negative trends seen in certain sectors in the measured business lines, are they seen only in some sectors or specific to specific organizations? l, lar These changes are parallel to international trends; Are there differences specific to our country? soru as many questions about the country's economy are answered. In the words of the Dogan Turkey Customer Satisfaction Index (IMMA) of institutions have been successful in 2013 will bring together the leading names in the business world and TM protocol stating that ended the Gala Night and Awards Ceremony rewarded. TMME Gala Night and Award Ceremony will be held at 15 April 2014, Swissotel The Bosphorus in Istanbul.
located TM-up in this bulletin Q4 / 2013 index results, 26 / Feb / 2013 - 26 / Feb / 2014, between IMMA Joint Venture Founders, by Turkey Quality Association and KA Research Limited, with 81 provinces in 11.564 customer interviews, computer-assisted telephone survey ( CATI) was obtained from the special analysis of the collected data with ACSI / Fornell Model. The results of the national index are obtained from the joint analysis of the work carried out in the past 1 quarter in the past 4 year. TMME benchmark results by years; US - ACSI results from studies conducted in the same period last year; It is provided from the University of Michigan-Michigan, which uses the same information collection and analysis model as the TMME system. For more detailed information about TMME methodology, analysis model and results, you can contact TMME Managers Mr. Görkem Erkuş ( and Alkan Yıldırım (alkan.yildirim @
Turkey Customer Satisfaction Index (IMMA) about
Turkey Customer Satisfaction Index (IMMA), xnumx'y over Turkey is developed and emerging applications to the National Customer Satisfaction Index, conducted in the country. IMMA, Turkey Quality Association-remove, conducted by KA Research Limited is a joint venture.
In the creation of the National Index, customer satisfaction surveys are conducted for organizations that offer certain products and services purchased domestically, and these survey results are analyzed using a special scientific econometric model (ACSI Model). The results of the analysis are prepared as indexes on institutional, sectoral and national basis.
The survey form, customer identification forms, application model, index determination, statistics and econometric analysis and evaluation studies of TMME, and the CFI-Claes Fornell International, which created the national index model, which is accepted as the main model all over the world, and the USA Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) It has been carried out under the management and supervision of the University of Michigan, which has been conducting since 1993.
TMME's information collection and control studies, European Researchers Association (ESOMAR - and the World Public Opinion Researchers Association (WAPOR - is carried out by the information gathering and research personnel selected and trained in accordance with the practice and ethical standards and principles. All processes, Turkey Quality Association on behalf of the Joint Venture and TM TM TM the Supreme Council and is overseen by the Executive Board.
TMME study is carried out once a month in 3
IMMA work across Turkey, are made in different sectors and institutions in this sector to cover every 3 months. It is aimed to present the satisfaction level of customers in dozens of different sectors from mobile phone to food, from automobile to insurance. The institutional members of TMME can obtain their research results on a sector and institution / competitor basis. Within the scope of TMME Model, Corporate Members can access the Customer Expectation Index, Perceived Quality Index, Perceived Value Index, Customer Complaint Index and Customer Loyalty Index data on a corporate, sectoral and national basis, and also produce strategies with an inter-index impact model. National Development Reports of TMME are also prepared 4 times a year.
Customer Expectations
Expectations are based on customers' experience with the product or service, media, advertising, salespeople and other customers. Customer expectations affect the quality and reviews of how well the product or service will perform.
For the customer expectation variable; customers are asked what they think in advance in terms of 'general' and 'need meet' and 'reliability' (how often they face negative situations about products and services) regarding the quality of goods and services before the purchase.
Perceived Quality
In all companies and sectors measured by TMME, the element that has the most impact on customer satisfaction is perceived quality.
For perceived Quality variable; customers are asked what they think in terms of 'general' and 'need meet' and 'reliability' (how often they face negative situations about the product and service) regarding the quality of goods and services after the purchase.
Perceived Value
The Perceived Value variable includes the evaluations made by the customers about the quality of the goods and services according to the quality of the goods and services after the purchase and the price paid.
In TMME model, the perceived value directly affects customer satisfaction and is affected by customer expectations and perceived quality. While the perceived value is of great importance in the initial purchase decision, it is of less importance in relative satisfaction and repurchase.
Customer happiness
Customer Satisfaction variable; it includes the assessments of the customers' experience with the goods and services after the purchase, 'to what extent they are satisfied', 'to what extent they meet their expectations' and' to what extent they are close to the ideal product / service '.
Customer complaints
Customer complaint is calculated as the ratio of the people who have problems with the products or services of the companies within a certain period of time. Satisfaction is inversely proportional to customer complaints.
For the Customer Complaints variable; after the purchase, the customers are asked to report their complaints and complaints to the manufacturers and sellers in writing and verbally.
Customer Loyalty
Customer loyalty is measured through questions about the company's tendency to buy products or services at different prices. Customer satisfaction has a positive effect on the loss of customers, but the magnitude of this effect varies according to companies and sectors.
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