TLS Lojistik 'ADR Team Started Overtime

TLS Lojistik 'ADR Team Started Working: TLS Lojistik' ADR Team Started Working! While the ADR regulation obliged companies to employ at least one expert staff, TLS Logistics raised the bar and set up a team of five Hazardous Materials Safety Consultants on its own initiative. The team members received 5 days of basic training at TUGEM in February. They took the exam in London on 6 March.
TLS Lojistik established a team of five in its staff, in accordance with the regulation on ADR, which is the road transport of dangerous goods, which came into effect at the beginning of the year. The regulation requires that every company that stores, carries and transports hazardous materials to employ one DGSA, or Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor, until 1 September 2014. However, TLS also raised the bar in this area and set up a team of Hazardous Substances Safety Consultants, consisting of five people, rather than just being an expert. The team consists of Occupational Health Safety, Environment and Quality Manager Murat Güray, Special Projects Logistics Manager Ali Şar, Vega Logistics Center Assistant Manager Osman Sinan Mercan, Occupational Health and Safety Expert Emine Hilal Mollaoğlu and Operational Analysis and Process Development Specialist Handan Hacıalioğlu.
Making an assessment on the subject, TLS Lojistik Chairman of the Board Altuğ Hacıalioğlu said: As TLS, instead of hiring a single expert, we established a team of five people in order to maximize customer satisfaction. Team members went through a 5-day basic training at TUGEM in February. They took the exam in London on March 6th. Those who get successful results in the exam, the results of which will be announced in May, are entitled to use the title of Security Advisor. kazanthey will cry. According to the information given to us by TUGEM, TLS is currently the company that makes the most investment and attaches importance to this issue. Team members will train all personnel related to ADR in TLS in the next stage. About TLS Lojistik Serving its customers with competitive logistics solutions, TLS Lojistik entered the sector in 2000. TLS Lojistik, which served as a warehouse and private warehouse operator until 2002, has started to offer distribution services throughout Turkey since that date. TLS Logistics, which has been providing added value to the competitiveness of its customers since the day it was founded; As a flexible, fast decision-making and efficiency-oriented logistics company, it enables its customers to focus on their main activities. TLS Lojistik serves its customers as an important business partner in achieving sustainable competitiveness with the solutions it offers. I


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