The foundation of the Eurasia Highway Tube Crossing project was laid

📩 22/12/2018 17:14

The foundation of the Eurasia Highway Tube Crossing project was laid with a ceremony: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, “Hopefully, we will place two tubes between the two continents under the sea between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe, just like in Marmaray. said.
Erdogan attended the ceremony of initiating the tunneling process of the "Bosphorus Highway Tube Crossing (Eurasia Tunnel) Project" at Haydarpaşa Port with the TBM machine.
In his speech here, Erdogan said that today is a very meaningful, excited and enthusiastic day for them.
Expressing that this is not a groundbreaking ceremony or a beginning, Erdogan reminded that this was the beginning of the first groundbreaking ceremony in Üsküdar on a rainy day.
Erdogan said that they started the tunnel drilling process of the tube passage under the Istanbul Strait, where tire vehicles will pass, and said that the TBM vehicle to be used here has a different feature. Erdogan said, "I hope we will have passed from Asia to Europe, by drilling this difference and this feature about 10 meters every day."
“A special tunnel boring machine was built in Germany for the tunnel”
Stating that they are at the beginning of an important stage in the construction of the Eurasia Tunnel, Erdoğan said:
“Hopefully, just like in Marmaray, we will place two round-trip tubes under the sea between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe, and make it possible for tire vehicles to travel between the two continents within minutes. On February 26, 2011, we signed the ceremony with the participation of myself, the beginning of the project was that day.
Preparations were made, on May 27, last year construction works started in Çattukapı, where many Istanbulites did not know its name. A special tunnel boring machine was manufactured in Germany for this tunnel. The production of this work, whose design belongs to the building center, was there. This giant machine has been brought here, its assembly has been completed, and I hope it is starting to work and digging the tunnel today. ”
Prime Minister Erdogan, this machine will dig the tunnel under the sea 25 meters, as well as the tunnel walls will be built by specifying, such as the number of tunnels in the world is very few, he said.
Erdogan continued his speech as follows:
“In the city of New York, there are 4 tunnels where tire vehicles can pass under the sea. There is a similar tunnel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. There is also a road tunnel in France in Europe. We are now bringing the most modern, most advanced road crossing tunnel to Istanbul. Rubber vehicles from the Bosphorus Bridge travel between the two continents. Rubber vehicles pass through Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge in the same way.
I went to the third bridge construction, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge the previous week, and I reviewed it again on site. The feet are being completed there.
Now a little time remains, the construction continues rapidly. Currently in Istanbul, road transportation between two bridges between two continents and rail transportation from Marmaray is provided. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge will be both a highway and a rail system there. When this Eurasia Tunnel is completed, we will have 4 road crossings between the two continents. Hopefully the traffic in Istanbul will breathe. Hopefully, the torment that we call bridge traffic will be history with these constructions.
This large project consists of a road of approximately 14,5 kilometers and 14,6 kilometers in total. This is Göztepe from Kazlıçeşme. 5,4 kilometers of this will consist of this tunnel we built under the Bosphorus. We will build roads, tunnels, bridges and overpasses in the remaining 9,2 kilometers. ”
“Between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe will be covered in 15 minutes”
Prime Minister Erdogan stated that the distance between Kazlıçeşme and Göztepe can now be taken in 100 minutes. “When the Eurasia Tunnel is completed, this distance will be covered in only 15 minutes. "When we do it with all the calculation techniques, what it means to get down to 15 minutes, consider the happiness it provides until we reach this distance in peace besides this," he said.
“The tunnel is also built to withstand earthquakes”
Erdogan said that the cost of this great project worldwide is 1 billion 245 million dollars, said:
“When tunnels and roads are built and completed, they will both pay for itself and benefit our country with the savings it provides from fuel. This large building will not harm the environment, the sea, but it will significantly reduce the exhaust emission and protect the environment as it stops waiting in traffic. In addition, this tunnel is built in the safest way, resistant to earthquakes.
We are really proud and excited that this global project has come to the tunnel drilling stage. We will look forward to seeing the light in the tunnel. Hopefully, if Allah gives life, we will see the completion of the building, and we will also open it together. ”
Thanking those who contributed to the construction of this great and global project, Erdogan said, “At the beginning, our former minister of Transport, Maritime and Communication, Binali Yıldırım, now Lütfi Elvan, all contractor companies, owners, architects, engineers, workers, all staff of our ministry, all our institutions. In my presence, I personally thank you on behalf of my nation.
I thank especially the contractor company in South Korea and Turkey. Meanwhile, as we heard with great sadness of the shipwreck in Turkey because South Korea is expressed here, I convey our message of condolence than a short our South Korean friends here, "he gave expression to the place.
"Dozens of huge investment we are also excited to have reached a Turkey which performs"
Prime Minister Eroge the Istanbul giants such investments increase the attractiveness in the international arena, but also enhances Turkey's reputation at a global level, noting that the entire country benefits þamil the projects, he continued:
"Not one of these projects alone until 12 years after a challenge from Turkey attracts biochemistry, proteomic, today we're excited to have reached a Turkey which performs dozens of huge investment at the same time. In this success, our private sector has a big share and a very important role.
Currently, we realize almost all of the important projects in Istanbul and across the country with private sector opportunities. Our new airport is like this, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is like this, Eurasia Tunnel is like this again, city hospitals are like this again. We realize all of them by the private sector, with their opportunities and dynamism. Now we will start Kanal Kanal. Kanal Istanbul is the same. There is confidence and stability under the achievements we have achieved in every field for 12 years.
He embraced the state nation. Leaving aside the artificial problems among themselves, the nation embraced each other, embracing each other firmly in its ancient fraternity. We eliminated the uncertainties in the economy, politics and foreign policy. We did not grant corruption, we lifted the bans one by one, and we resolutely combat poverty. We evaluated the country's resources wisely, taking into account the needs and taking efficiency into consideration. We have left behind a brilliant 91 years with successful works, services, investments in all aspects of our 12-year republican history. ”

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