TCDD warns of spraying on railways

TCDD warned about spraying on railways: Between 14 April and 29 April 2014, spraying will be carried out in the railway lines and stations within the borders of Sivas-Samsun-Gelemen, Sivas-Kayseri-Sivas and Erzurum-Aşkale.

Citizens should be careful around the station with the specified railway line sections due to the spraying that poses a danger to human and animal health.

The drugs used in the fight have an impressive effect on human and animal health; It is important to note that in the lands near the railway route and 10 meters, the citizens should be careful until the 10 days, and they should not graze their animals and do not harvest grass.



14.04.2014 Kayseri –Sharpis Sivas
15.04.2014 Sarkisla ŞarkSivas Sivas
16.04.2014 Sivas-Turhal Tokat
17.04.2014 Turhal yaAmasya Tokat- Amasya
18.04.2014 Amasya-Samsun Amasya- Samsun
19.04.2014 Samsun-Gelemen Samsun
24.04.2014 Sivas- Çetinkaya Sivas
25.04.2014 Çetinkaya- Divrigi of Sivas
29.04.2014 Erzincan- Aşkale Erzincan- Erzurum



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