TCDD made a statement about Izmir Port Operation


TCDD made a statement about the Operation of İzmir Port: A statement was made regarding the words of İzmir Chamber of Commerce Ekrem Demirtaş, who was reflected in some press organs from the General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD) today. "Demirtas plays in the stands," the statement said. expressions were included

It is noted that Ekrem Demirtaş's statements are inconsistent and content that accuses TCDD, “Since 30 December 2004, TCDD, Privatization Administration and Privatization High Council have made all necessary plans and programs for the 'Transfer of Operating Rights' of İzmir Port. The tender was held once, but the tender was canceled because the conditions were not met. The same process is still being continued by the Privatization Administration. In this process, regardless of the port being within the scope of privatization, TCDD has done and continues to do its part in matters such as hardware, screening and meeting the personnel need. With the administrative measures taken, the number of cruise tourists, which was around 20 thousand, was increased by 20-25 times. ” The statement said.


Izmir Trade in the meeting held with room management, room all the demands of a statement pointing fulfilled, "the right to operate the port to which the public is operating in Turkey which is how will be transferred method, it is clear which institutions are assisted to do. When this is the case, we say that the President of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce 'Let us operate the port. But we cannot get it accepted. TCDD's explanations that "this work cannot continue with the logic of" load, come, lower "" are statements that have no legal and logical basis. TCDD adopts and implements private sector cooperation related to its field of activity at the highest level within the framework of laws, including port management. Preparations for the transfer of the right to operate the port (for the third time) by the Privatization Administration are ongoing. No port operating policies have been determined anywhere in the world, nor have it been seen that the problems are solved by talking only without putting their hands on the stone. ” statements took place.

Source: TCDD: Demirtaş is playing the tribune news

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