Tcdd 5. Region 2014 Year Road Renewal Work Started (Photo Gallery)

Tcdd 5. Region 2014 Year Road Renewal Work has begun: TCDD 5.Regulation work carried out by the Department of the road is reported to be continued this year. TCDD 54. Regional Directorate 3 500 5 mileage between the year and Van-Kapıköy 2014 kilometers between the total 100 mileage will make the road was recorded.

In the 2014 year investment program, Yolcati-Tatvan road section, Tatvan-Bahçetepe, 50 kilometer road was opened with a ceremony in Rahova station. Kadirioğlu, TCDD 5 Regional Director Üzeyir Ülker, Demiryol-İş Union Malatya Branch President Nurettin Öndeş, Service Managers and TCDD employees participated.

TCDD 5 Regional Director Üzeyir Ülker stated that the cost of the road renewal between Tatvan and Bahçetepe is about 36 million TL. Branch President Nurettin Öndeş emphasized that in the forthcoming period, load fillings would increase exponentially and they demanded support from politicians and politicians for the solution of the problems.



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