Signal light will be placed at Taşbaşı Junction

Taşbasi Junction signaling lamp will be placed: Alaplı Mayor Nuri Tekin, Taşbaşı intersection of traffic signs will be placed in the intersection reported.
Thompson, told reporters, after the double road construction Tasbasi location of the District Entrance to reopen the General Directorate of Highways Kastamonu 15. He said they made an official application to the Regional Directorate.
Thompson said that a series of arrangements will be made at Taşbaşı junction where fatal accidents occur.
“Within the scope of Kdz Ereğli-Düzce double road works, after the closure of Taşbaşı entrance to the district, our tradesmen started to suffer great economic losses. General Directorate of Highways Kastamonu 15. We visited the Regional Directorate and made an official application. In addition, we met with the relevant people and demanded that the road be reopened to traffic as soon as possible. In the coming days, a delegation from the Regional Directorate will come to investigate the location of Tasbasi. We had promised that our people would enter the election period. We will keep our promise. If the highways do not open this entrance, as Alaplı Municipality we will open this road with our own means. We will eliminate the grievances of our tradesmen and our people. In addition, many mortal and injured accidents in the Tasbasi junction, as a result of his application for the installation of signaling lamps will be placed in the traffic lights. This work will begin in the coming days. Drivers will use that junction more reliably.



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