Snow Doping to Palandoken Ski Center

Snow Doping at Palandöken Ski Center: The snowfall effective in April in the Eastern Anatolia Region had a doping effect on winter tourism especially in Palandöken Ski Center.

In Palandöken, one of the most important ski centers in the world, the ski season was extended until the end of this month for the first time.
Turkey opened the first ski season in the winter and throughout Poland, Russia, Moscow, America, Iran, in Palandöken welcomes tourists from many countries such as Belarus, enjoy skiing is still ongoing.
Every year in the city, according to the end of March, the business owners, preparing to close the ski season, the snow surprise met.
When the snow thickness reached 58 centimeters in Palandöken and 89 centimeters in Konaklı, the business owners started to make reservations for ski tourism.

The occupancy rates in the hotels operating in the ski center, where all tracks and lifts are open, reached 100 percent. There is intense demand for skiing from the domestic market as well as from abroad.
Business owners who want to turn the snow in the spring into an opportunity to organize new campaigns aim to make the most of this.
Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Dedeman Ski Resord Hotel's General Manager Mehmet Varol said that they faced a snow surprise while they were getting ready to close the season, and said that there was an intense interest in skiing.

Varol said they had a full season during the winter, said:
"Shortage of snow in Palandöken in Turkey just did not happen. It's actually interesting. People started to swim in the south.

The weather got very hot. Temperature in most provinces is above seasonal norms. Some of our guests even come to the south to swim on weekdays and ski here on the weekend. Sure it's a nice thing. There is high demand for skiing in the spring. We extended the ski season until the end of April. For the first time, the ski season in Erzurum will continue until the end of this month. "
Emphasizing that they initiated campaigns such as “Snow is staying in Palandöken”, Varol said, “We are receiving new reservations from Moscow and Iran. We normally were preparing to close the season. Because the meltdown started towards the end of March, the runways were deteriorating. But there was a terrific snowfall at the beginning of April. We postponed the closing of the season. Our hotel is open again to serve ski lovers ”he said.

- "Heavy snowfall opened the season again"
Polat Hotel Front Office Manager Ahmet Baykal pointed out that they had to change their programs due to the snowfall and said, “Frankly, we were closing the season. We didn't even get a reservation for skiing. However, heavy snowfall opened the season again, ”he said.

Underlining that skiing is a privilege in April, Baykal said, “It is a great opportunity. It can now be done only in Palandöken ski in Turkey. There is intense interest in the runways. In fact, skiing is more enjoyable than winter in this season. Our hotel is 100 percent full ”.
Omer Akca Administrative Affairs Manager of Xanadu Snow White Hotel also stated that various competitions and skiing pleasure continued on the tracks and said that they extended the ski season due to the snow falling in April.

Explaining that local and foreign tourists had a good time on the tracks, Akca said, “Actually, snowfall was not included in the meteorology forecasts. It was a surprise. Snow depth on the tracks is at the desired level, ”he said.

- They came from İzmir to Erzurum for skiing
Dilek Türkoğlu, who came from İzmir for skiing, said, “We had already arranged our place. They said last week that there was no snow and they were closed. Luckily there is snow and we slip. The weather was warmer in Izmir. Turkey's most important ski resort, very nice skiing in April, "he said.

Cüneyt Türkoğlu emphasized that flights should be more frequent and said, “We want to come on Friday night and return on Sunday evening. We have been to Kayseri before, but this place is much more beautiful. "We had entered the sea in Izmir, we ski here."