Signaling System Found But

Signalization System Established But: The signalization system in Adana, where the school is located at the junction signaling system is rejected after the death of the teacher signaling system is not working for days.
Since housing and schools were built right next to Yeşil Boulevard in the central Saricam district of Adana, a bridge was built to cross the road to the entrance and exit of the boulevard. Although it is one of the most used boulevards in Adana, signaling was not made to the junction after the bridge was built. During the students' entrance and exit times, many accident hazards were overcome while accidents also occurred. Upon this, TOKİ Köprülü High School teacher Uğur Avşar asked the school administration to apply to the municipality to signalize the intersection. School management also tells the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME), “Our school is located in the DSI TOKI residences on Green Boulevard. The absence of a traffic light-signaling system and the relatively fast flowing traffic at the entrance and exit of the residences pose a danger to our students. We demand that the signaling system be installed in the place in question ”.
The petition given on 22 November 2013 was answered by UKOME on 31 November 2013 as “It was not suitable to establish a signalization due to the traffic order in question, but it was decided to install 3 rows of steel ground buttons on the Kozan Road, Green Boulevard line to ensure traffic safety”.
After this date, the students continued to cross the street without risking their lives. 2 24 2014 XNUMX of this answer on the day after the XNUMX application for the student to make the application for the signaling Avşar teacher, died as a truck crashed while crossing the street.
Following the news of this situation, UKOME started the signaling system by starting work at the intersection on March 28, 2014. However, even after 10 days, the signaling system could not be operated. For this reason, where the teacher lost his life, the students have to go to their schools with fear of life because of whether signaling is still working or not. The students who came to the school stated that they were very upset with their teachers and that the road was very dangerous and said, “There is no point in signaling after this time. We live our pain in us. The signaling done is not working anyway. ”
UKOME officials said that signaling infrastructure works were not completed and therefore the lights were not working and they would be completed as soon as possible.

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