From Thessaloniki to the Balkans, trains start again

📩 25/11/2018 19:02

From Thessaloniki to the Balkans, trains start again: The Greek government has decided to resume train services from Thessaloniki to Sofia. From May onwards, Sofia-Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki-Sofia flights can be made daily. The flights were stopped three years ago by Athens due to lack of financial resources.

The Greek state rail company 'Transose' has agreed to restart daily flights to cities such as Sofia, Skopje and Belgrade. In addition, after the start of the train service, bus routes in these monopolies in the case of monopoly bus tickets can be expected to be re-recorded.

From 10 May, the train is expected to depart from Thessaloniki at 06.55 in the morning and from Sofia to Thessaloniki at 15.20. The one-way ticket price is expected to start from 17.80 Euros, and the two-way ticket is expected to be 35 Euros. Passengers arriving at Thessaloniki station will be able to transfer to Athens after waiting half an hour. Greek railways aim to attract more tourists from Balkan countries with train services.


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