Kartal Metro Lying from the TCA

Kartal Metro denial by the TCA: TCA, Kadıköy- He denied the allegations made in some media organs regarding the construction of Kartal Metro.

In the statement made by the Court of Accounts, it was published in Taraf Newspaper and used in other written and visual media. Kadıköy- The allegations regarding the construction of the Eagle Metro were denied.

In the statement in question, "The claim that the costs for the construction of the subway were inflated was documented by Sayıştaş auditors", and the following was recorded:

"Court of Accounts Kadıköy- It was determined that the companies that built the Eagle Metro established companies abroad for the goods to be imported and increased the cost by millions of dollars; Court of Accounts auditors, Kadıköy-It is stated that the company that built the Eagle subway documents that it imports through shell companies and inflates the construction cost 3-4 times. There was no audit finding or detection related to the works and transactions that were subject to the news during the audits of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, IETT General Directorate, Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Economy, which were examined within the scope of the audit programs of the Court of Accounts in 2012 and 2013 and there is a possibility to make this determination. There is no such issue in the TCA report. "

In this statement, it was emphasized that such news exceeding both the Court of Auditors and the audited public administrations damaged the corporate identity of the auditors and the audited public administrations, and that it made the audit difficult.


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