45 Million Euro for Samsun Logistics Center project

Samsun 45 euros for Logistics Center project: Samsun Governor Huseyin Aksoy, the Logistics Village, which will be established in Samsun Samsun and not just the Black Sea, Turkey said it would be one of the major logistics centers.
Stating that Samsun is a city with significant potentials in logistics, Governor Hüseyin Aksoy said, ey The project of the Logistics Village, which was launched as 25 million euros, has now reached the level of 45 million euro. Administrative conformity has been taken and the work on obtaining technical conformity has also reached its final stage. If the European Union and the project is no problem, 25 million euro instead of the 45 million by taking the foundations of the logistics village in our region by taking the foundations of the area will be completed by completing our work, '' he said.
Governor Aksoy stated that 3 started to work in order to activate the potential of Samsun in order to enable the potential of Samsun to be built on an international standard. passed our work. After that, we realized our logistics master plan in order to carry out the studies related to the sector in a healthier way. After completing our logistics master plan, we introduced our feasibility studies within the framework of logistics master plan. Together with our sector representatives, together with our local authorities and our rooms, we have brought the works carried out in this area to a certain level. After that, we carried out activities related to the places that can be done especially in Samsun. We have agreed on the area in the region of Tekkeköy, which is close to the airport, port and railway, which is the most convenient area in 5. We have completed our work on this. Decisions were taken and completed in the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly. In the works related to the construction of the logistics center of the 672 acreage area, we have completed the process of zoning planning and obtaining the title deed of the land on behalf of the Metropolitan Municipality. In particular, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization was requested from the Council of Ministers and the decision of the Council of Ministers was issued within the month of December and announced as the area of ​​urban change and development.
Logistic Village for the European Union project was prepared by the Governor Aksoy, ederk While all these studies, especially the European Union to benefit from the project prepared and submitted to the EU. At this stage, the negotiations continue at a great pace. Project work launched in 25 million euros has now reached up to 45 million euro level. Administrative conformity has been taken and the work on obtaining technical conformity has also reached its final stage. If the problem arises from the European Union and our project is accepted, 25 will receive 45 million euro instead of million euro and we will have completed the works of the logistics village in our region and completed our works. At this stage we have no shortcomings in the implementation of Logistics Village. We expect approval from the European Union only. We forwarded all the information and documents they wanted to the delegation. Our expectation is that the approval will be received within a few months and this will be completed as soon as possible. If there is no other situation, we foresee the completion of Logistics Village by the end of the year 2016 Eğer.
which will be established in Samsun Logistics Village Turkey's Underlining the be one of the most important centers Governor Aksoy, "Logistics Our village is not of Samsun and the Black Sea Region, Turkey will become one of the important logistics center is a project we believe in. Republic of Turkey, the establishment of 100. 2023 is the 500 billion dollar export target. There is also a need for infrastructure that can export 500 billion dollars. As Samsun, we have already started this infrastructure work. On the way to 2023, we were in an effort to complete the infrastructure of the logistics sector in Samsun. Here, all the sides of the city are located in our project. Special Provincial Administration, Metropolitan Municipality, Tekkeköy Municipality, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Commodity Exchange and Organized Industrial Zone are included in this project with certain rates. Here, we have brought together all the actors of the city to take part in this project, we coordinated with our governorship and we strive to implement this project with a nice cooperation. Developing and growing will need to have gained Samsun, Turkey will be one of the logistics centers, "he said.
Samsun logistics in the context of Traceca, Viking Train Project, Kavkaz Train Fery Project, which is a city referred to by the Governor Aksoy said: eler Samsun Logistics Village, Samsun city center about 15 km east, Tekkeköy district will be established near. 20 km to Samsunport Port (main entrance) and 10 km to Çarşamba Airport. Samsun - Ordu highway passes 1.8 km north of Logistics Village. Samsun-Ordu Highway is the main link road in east-west direction and it is the main road connecting Samsun to Ankara. Samsun - Çarşamba railway line passes right next to the Logistics Village. 25 of the Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 20 of the Provincial Special Administration and the Metropolitan Municipality, 15 of the Samsun Commodity Exchange, 15 of the Tekkeköy Municipality and the Samsun Central Organized Industrial Zone. The Middle Black Sea Development Agency has natural shares as well. Orta
Governor Aksoy, said: imkan TR 83 Region to provide companies with logistics warehouse facilities, to improve regional competitiveness. Their special objective is to improve the regional transport and logistics infrastructure for entrepreneurs, to increase the share of railway transportation by increasing the transition to multi-model transportation and to eliminate the problem of cargo storage. In order to manage the Samsun Logistics Village efficiently and professionally, the development of the institutional and operational capacity of the management company of Samsun Logistics Village is a part of our project as a component. Samsun Logistics Village Project, including the Republic of Turkey 2007 2013-9 period. It is also in full line with the strategies and areas of initiative of the Development Plan. This project will lead to a balanced regional development by reducing regional development disparities and increasing competitiveness by supporting multi-centered development. In addition, the Republic of Turkey in this project, the development of competitive initiatives, which focus on ensuring regional development and reducing inequalities comports with the medium-term program goals. Creating a socially centralized approach to employment will contribute to preventing interregional migration from underdeveloped regions. As a result, this project will contribute to the Turkish SMEs in the region to increase their competitiveness by strengthening their added value and the technology fundamentals in the distribution sector. Sonuç

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